Why Does My Microphone Keep Cutting Out

by Matthew David | Updated: 09/14/2023

Why Does My Microphone Keep Cutting Out

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in an important Zoom meeting or Discord chat when suddenly, your voice turns robotic and cuts out completely. “Can you repeat that?” your friends ask. You try speaking again but the microphone just isn’t cooperating. Pretty soon, you’re frantically fiddling with your settings trying to get the mic back on. But it keeps cutting in and out inexplicably.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. A faulty microphone can be one of the most annoying tech issues out there. Your voice is your identity, and you need to be heard!

In this guide, we’ll explore the common reasons your microphone keeps cutting out and simple ways to fix it for good. Get ready for clear audio that will make you the star of every call!

Why the Frustrating Mic Cutouts?

Before we get to the solutions, let’s quickly look at some potential causes of this pesky problem:

Software Issues Causing Temporary Mic Glitches

App or operating system malfunctions – Like any software, apps and OSes have their hiccups. A random bug or glitch can temporarily interfere with the mic.

Outdated software – Using outdated apps or operating systems can prevent your mic from integrating properly. Time for an update!

Too many background apps – Lots of apps running in the background take up RAM and processor power. This can cause the mic stutters as the computer struggles to handle it all.

Hardware Problems Behind the Mic Failure

Faulty or broken microphone hardware – Over time, the physical microphone can become damaged and unable to pick up audio properly.

Wireless mic signal interference – Wi-fi and Bluetooth signals can disrupt wireless mics if the router/device is too close.

Low batteries – Wireless mics and headphones need power! Failing batteries lead to failing mics.

Connectivity Issues Blocking the Mic Signal

Too little bandwidth – Choppy internet means choppy audio. Make sure you have the bandwidth to handle voice data.

Using microphone too far from the receiver – Wireless mics have a range. Get too far and the receiver can’t pick up the signal.

Settings and Configurations Causing Mic Mishaps

Incorrect app settings – Things like disabled permissions, low input volume, or wrong input device tripped up your mic.

Mic access permissions not granted – The app can’t access the mic if you haven’t allowed it! Enable microphone access in system settings.

Wrong default input device selected – You switched mics but forgot to change the input. Set your new mic as the default device.

Environmental Interference Disrupting Your Mic

Too much background noise – Loud music, clacking keyboards, barking dogs – external noise overwhelms the mic.

Physical obstructions blocking signal – Walls, doors, and dense objects weaken wireless mic signals, causing audio to cut out.

Fixing Mic Cutouts in Common Apps

Now let’s go through some easy microphone troubleshooting steps for the apps you probably use every day.

Zoom Mic Cutting Out?

Over 300 million people use Zoom for video calls, meetings, and webinars. But mics can cut out here like anywhere else. Here are some quick fixes:

Restart Zoom

Restarting the app often resolves temporary glitches.

  1. Right click the Zoom icon in your system tray.
  2. Select Quit to fully close the program.
  3. Open Zoom again.

Adjust Voice Sensitivity

An input volume that’s too low prevents Zoom from picking up your voice.

  1. In your Zoom settings, go to the Audio section.
  2. Disable “Automatically adjust mic volume.”
  3. Speak into your mic and adjust the input volume so the voice indicator stays in the green.

Check Microphone Access

  1. Open your computer’s mic privacy settings.
  2. Make sure Zoom is allowed access. Toggle it on if needed.

Update Zoom

An outdated version can cause mic glitches. Install the latest Zoom update.

Microsoft Teams Microphone Not Working?

As Microsoft’s Slack competitor, Teams depends on crystal clear call quality. But mics can falter here too:

Close Other Programs

Too many apps running during a Teams call can cause mic cutouts. Close them before joining a meeting.

Clear Cache and Storage

Too much cached data can disrupt the microphone. Clear it for a quick fix.

  1. Quit Teams fully through the Task Manager.
  2. Delete the Teams cache folders on your computer.
  3. Clear stored Teams files and databases.

Adjust Settings

  1. Go to Settings > Devices and disable “Automatically adjust mic volume.”
  2. Select your mic and adjust its input volume.

Check Permissions

Grant Teams access to your microphone in your system settings’ privacy section.

Update Teams

Make sure you have the latest version. Older ones have more glitches.

Discord Mic Woes?

Discord is the chat app of choice for many gamers. Dodgy mics make coordinating with your squad harder. Try this:

Restart Discord

A quick restart clears any app clogs affecting your mic.

Adjust Voice Sensitivity

Having an input volume that’s too quiet can lead to mic cutouts. Make sure Discord is picking up your voice.

Update Discord

Bugs in older versions cause microphone glitches. Update to the newest version.

Skype Microphone Cutting Out Mid-Call?

As a longstanding video chat platform, Skype also faces its share of microphone malfunctions. Here’s how to combat them:

Restart Devices and App

Restarting clears out any temporary bugs that could be interfering with Skype accessing the mic.

Adjust Audio Settings

  1. Open Skype’s audio settings and disable any noise cancellation features.
  2. Make sure the mic input volume isn’t too low.

Check Permissions

Grant microphone access to Skype in your device privacy settings if needed.

Update Skype

Using an outdated Skype version frequently creates mic issues. Update for a quick fix.

Fixing General Microphone Problems

Beyond specific apps, there are some device-wide tweaks that can stop your microphone from cutting out randomly. Let’s go through them based on operating system.

Windows PC Microphone Troubleshooting

If your mic keeps cutting out during calls and recordings on a Windows laptop or desktop, try these steps:

Restart Your PC

A simple restart can clear out any system glitches interfering with the mic.

Adjust Sound Settings

  1. Go to Sound Settings > Input.
  2. Make sure you have the right mic selected.
  3. Adjust its volume so the mic input indicator reacts properly to your voice.

Update Audio Drivers

Outdated drivers can cause mic malfunctions. Install the latest sound drivers.

Disable Background Apps

Too many apps running in the background while you’re on a call can overwhelm your PC’s resources and disrupt the mic. Close them before a meeting.

Mac Mic Cutting Out?

If your Macbook’s built-in microphone or another connected mic is malfunctioning, a few quick checks can get it stable again:

Restart Your Mac

Restarting your Mac clears out any temporary software bugs that could be affecting the mic.

Check Security & Privacy Settings

  1. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Microphone.
  2. Make sure the app you want to use has microphone access enabled.

iPhone Mic Troubles?

iPhone mics suddenly cutting out can be so annoying. Try these simple troubleshooting tips:

Restart Your iPhone

As with computers, a restart can clear out any glitches on your iOS device.

Check App Permissions

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone.
  2. Make sure the problematic app has microphone access enabled.

Update iOS

Having an outdated operating system can cause microphone compatibility issues. Install the latest iOS update.

Android Microphone Not Working?

For Android devices, check these quick settings adjustments to stop mic cutouts:

Restart Your Device

Restarting your Android clears out any temporary bugs that could be blocking the mic.

Disable Noise Suppression

Some Androids have a noise suppression feature that can sometimes interfere with mic quality. Try turning it off.

Check App Permissions

Make sure the app you want to use is allowed microphone access in your Android settings.

Update Android OS

Using an outdated Android version can lead to mic glitches. Install the latest update.

Wireless Mic Cutting Out?

If you use a wireless microphone, there are a couple easy ways to troubleshoot the signal:

Reposition Wireless Receiver

Make sure the receiver isn’t too far away or being blocked by thick walls or objects. Get a clear transmitting path between mic and receiver.

Replace Batteries

Low power in wireless mics leads to poor signal strength. Pop in a fresh pair of batteries.


Having your microphone unexpectedly cut out can be so disruptive and frustrating. But in most cases, it can be easily fixed with some simple troubleshooting.

Restarting devices, updating software, adjusting settings, checking permissions, and tweaking hardware positioning can quickly get your microphone back up and running. With the steps in this guide, you’ll be coming through loud and clear in no time.

The next time your mic starts acting up, stay calm and go through these solutions. Before you know it, you’ll be seamlessly video calling and voice chatting again – with your crisp, flawless audio intact. Hasta la vista, mic cutouts!