Which Way To Face Subwoofer In Trunk

by Matthew David | Updated: 09/13/2023

Which Way To Face Subwoofer In Trunk

So you finally decided to upgrade your ride’s sound system with a thumping subwoofer. Smart move – nothing beats the heart-pounding bass and full-bodied acoustics that a quality sub can add to your music listening experience on the road. But here’s the million dollar question every car audio enthusiast faces – which way should you position your subwoofer for optimal performance?

Finding the ideal subwoofer direction in your trunk can be a head-scratcher, but it doesn’t have to be! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through all the key factors to consider, positioning options, installation tips, and tuning tricks to get your sub stage sounding its absolute best. You’ll learn all the insider info to perfectly dial in your system and transform your daily drive into a live concert experience. So crank up the volume and let’s get started!

Why Install Subwoofers in Your Car?

Before we dive into subwoofer placement, let’s quickly cover why adding subs is such a game-changer for your ride’s audio system. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

Clearly, adding subs brings a whole new level of high-impact, immersive audio for music, movies and gaming in your car. But to get the most bang for your bass buck, you’ve got to position them just right.

Key Factors Influencing Subwoofer Placement

Choosing the optimal subwoofer direction in your trunk involves taking into account a variety of factors specific to your ride:

Get measurements of your trunk, learn the optimal cubes for your sub, listen to different positioning options, and find the best fit for your preferences and ride. This will ensure subwoofer bliss!

Main Ways to Position a Subwoofer in the Trunk

Here are some tried and true options for aiming your treasured sub within the trunk:

Facing Rear



Rear-firing subs deliver the chest-thumping bass that true bass-heads crave. Face the woofer away from cabin for hard-hitting performance. Just be sure your trunk is big enough!

Facing Upward



Up-firing subs offer great bass while preserving your trunk space. Place near the rear hatch for even response but watch for vibrations on the glass. Fine-tune the positioning for clean, strong bass.

Facing Driver/Cabin



Try facing your sub up front for balanced bass throughout the cabin, especially in cars with tiny trunks. This works better with music that doesn’t require huge sub-bass impact.

Other Considerations for Optimal Placement

Take the time to analyze your trunk acoustics and thoroughly test positions to arrive at the optimal subwoofer aim for your ride.

Installing Your Subwoofer

Once you’ve mapped out the perfect sub location, it’s go time! Here are some tips for flawless woofer installation:

Take it slow, do it right, and your sub will deliver bone-shaking bass for years to come!

Getting the Most Out of Your Setup

Once installed, a few quick tuning tips will help your new sub shine:

Dialing in your sub is an iterative process, but the jaw-dropping sound will be worth every minute of optimization.


Finding the perfect subwoofer direction in your car’s trunk takes some care and finesse. But when done right, you’ll be rewarded with heart-pounding bass, immersive acoustics, and smile-inducing sound. Analyze your trunk space, experiment with different positions, adapt to your particular car and preferences, optimize the integration and tuning, and let the good times – and bass lines – roll. We hope this guide helps you unlock the full potential of your car audio sub stage so you can experience concert-quality sound on every drive.