Review: Punkcase EarStud Bluetooth Earplug

Update: These are no longer available. We suggest taking a look at our comprehensive list of wireless earbuds here.


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What we liked:

IPX8 water resistance level gives you a 100% waterproof and sweatproof security. Though according manufacturer it is not suited for swimming. Sound is transferred via latest bluetooth 4.2 technology resulting in HD sound with normal basses.

You can choose from five colors to suite your wear or put specific accents of color: black, light blue, pink, white or teal. Device is extremely lightweight, weighing only 4.5g/0.15oz.

Worth mentioning is that manufacturer gives lifetime exchange warranty overtaking many similar products.

So, let’s look to Punkcase EarStud earbud more detailed.

Overall look and feel. The earplug is a light small device. As for one ear peace – we would expect it to bigger and more visible from outside. But it’s not. Of course it is visible from the side, but looking from the front it does not come out more than the back part of our ear. EarStud does not have over ear hook as most double sided earphones do, but it uses its lightness to stay fit.

Sound quality is steady and clear. Though, true lovers of bases would be left a side here. And it’s is not stereo, of course. But for the size of product, it’s great.

What’s in the box? The package comes with:
– wireless and waterproof earbud
– short USB to micro USB charging cable
– a “key holder” hook with string and a small rubber case the EarStud slides into
– two extra buds for use quality (actually seems like for swimming)
– a nice firm zipper case

Waterproof? Yes. Officially it is IPX8 (highest rating) claiming to be fully waterproof. It is worth mentioning that quite few users have bought it to use for swimming, but were disappointed with working distance under water. On the other hand the seller has added a notice that Puncase Earstud is not for swimming or using underwater. What we can see here – the product would have a higher rating on Amazon if users did not buy it for swimming in the first place. On the other side, this product is is well tested to be waterproof, so rain, sweat will not affect your purchase for sure.

Bluetooth and working distance. EarStud wireless earphone uses the last 4.2 version witch differs from 4.1 mainly on battery saving. Working distance is standard: 33 feet (10 meters) in the clear path. I’ll come back to users, who complain for a short distance in swimming pool. The reason is not the earphone primary, but limitations of bluetooth technology overall. Current versions of bluetooth have a possibility to break even when phone is in your backpack, since bluetooth is not piercing body.

Controls are done with one button. With single or double tap you can control volume, tracks, receive and end calls.

What we didn’t like:
– It is actually a one-side plug only into one ear (on the other way, it can be a plus also). If you thought to buy two separate, it is not possible to pair them together to one device.
– Battery life is up to 4-5 hours, which is sufficient for many activities, but could be more.
– Doing all controls with one button can be tricky.
– User experience on phone conversations are not amazing claiming other side can less clear understand the person with the earbud.


Product Dimensions0.47 x 0.77 x 0.73 in
Item model numberEARSTUD
Weight0.16 ounces
WaterproofIPX-8 Sweatproof. Tested to withstand up 60 minutes UNDER 1.5m/5ft of water
SoundHD sound with deep basses
Noise cancellationPassive
Connection to two devices(N/A)
BatteryLithium-ion Polymer 70 mAh. Up to 4-5h playback time
Frequency Response(N/A)
ChargingMicro Usb Cable
WarrantyLifetime Exchage Warranty


Punkcase EarStud Earbud


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