Review: VAVA MOOV 28 Bluetooth Earbuds (Updated 2023)

by Matthew David | Updated: 04/16/2023

What we liked:

Design and comfort

These VAVA MOOV 28 bluetooth earbuds have an angled eartip design that reaches deep into your ear. The silicone eartips stay firmly in place while running or doing other active exercises. In other words, they’re comfortable and they won’t fall out.

Battery life (9/10)

One of the best batteries we’ve seen in wireless earbuds. These earbuds have a 120mAh battery lasting up to 8 hours of use with a charging time of 1-2 hours. It is enough to fully enjoy a (really) long lasting workout while running or walking a few miles, or just staying in the house listening to music while doing chores.

Waterproof (7/10)

The manufacturer gives the Vava Moovs an IPX5 level of water resistance that, translated into english, means it has a splashproof build – it’s fully sweatproof and secured from light rain. In other words, no need to worry while doing active sports.

Additional features

Built-in magnets on the sides with aluminum design, a definite “nice-to-have”, secure the earbuds around the neck. This is a much loved item by iPhone owners.

Voice prompts and sounds 

When turning the earbuds on/off, you will hear an ascending or descending string of beeps. Also a beep informs when the earphones are connected to device.

Sound quality

Crisp, loud and clear. Sound is reproduced with aptX codec to help solve the bandwidth limit of bluetooth. Though these sport earbuds are stronger on mids and highs leaving picky bass fans a bit wanting. That said, the basses are satisfactory, particularly for this price point.

vava moov 28 sound

What’s in the box:

User Reviews – User comments on Customer Service have been great overall. Any negative reviews were resulted in a swift replacement of the product by the Manufacturer.

Bluetooth. Like most wireless headphones, these earbuds use bluetooth 4.1 for a connection.

How to pair earbuds with a bluetooth device for the first time

For the first time pairing, keep the earphones close to your phone or other bluetooth device (about 3 feet / 1 meter). To activate pairing mode, press and holdthe multifunction button in the middle until you’ll see LED light blinking red and blue.

And lastly, activate bluetooth on your device and do a search. You should find “VAVA MOOV 28” on the list of available devices. Once the devices are connected, a blue LED light will flash on the earphones for visual confirmation.

How to charge the Vava Moov 28

This set has an opening with a rubber cover behind the volume buttons where micro USB charging port is placed. The rubber cover is easy to open.

Controls (9/10).

Controls are placed on the cable on the right side. There are three buttons. Two for volume/skipping tracks and one multifunctional button. We personally like the position of controls on the cable more than controls on the earbud itself since you do not need to lift your hand as high.

Secondly, touching controls on the cable does not move the earplug which would result in extra noise in your ear. Thirdly, the microphone is on the controls panel and it’s closer to your mouth.

As a review team, we need to mention a counter argument for the position of the controls on the cable. While actively jogging, the cable tends to move a little bit more compared to controls on the earbud itself.

vava moov ergonomic fit

Noise cancellation.

Noise cancellation is mentioned by manufacturer, but it is passive which means it is only isolation. Surrounding sounds are isolated physically with the earplug itself, when it is inside your ear.

Practically, noise is isolated quite good when the plugs are inside your ears. As all earplugs of this kind, use the right size Silicone eartips for your ear canal to ensure you minimize sounds like hearing your breathing, steps and other body sounds.

What we didn’t like:

These earbuds are not as strong on basses as some fans may like (but we really can’t complain for the price).

The charging lid on the earbuds opens quite hard (which is a good thing for water resistance), but after some use, the lid started to get a bit looser. That’s OK for sweat resistance, but may be an issue in the rain. That said, we’ve scoured the user reviews online and haven’t seen any real complaints about this potential issue.

Voice conversations are normal. The other side can hear you loud and clear, but the voice of other person via the earphones may sound a little more robotic when listening via the earbuds as compared to listening straight from the phone. Perhaps this is somewhat subjective as other testers didn’t note this but overall voice conversations were still pretty clear. 


Product Dimensions3.2 x 1.3 x 1 inches
Item model numberVA-BH009US
Weight0.6 ounces
WaterproofIPX-5 Splashproof Build
SoundCD-Like Audio Quality with aptX
Noise cancellationPassive
Connection to two devicesYes
BatteryLithium-ion Polymer 120 mAh. Up to 8h playback time
Frequency Response(N/A)
ChargingMicro Usb Cable
Warranty18 months

Bottom line: all day battery life, waterproof for everything but active swimming, excellent sound quality and a price that can’t be beat.

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