Review: TREBLAB X2 – Revolutionary Bluetooth Earbuds (Updated 2023)

by Matthew David | Updated: 04/21/2023

The Treblab X2 earbuds were a revolution in wireless earphones when they first came out. They were one of the few manufacturers that offered truly wireless earbuds; this design without any cables was a real advantage over other bluetooth earphones with a cable over the neck.


What isn’t outwardly visible but amazing nonetheless – the beryllium speakers that reproduce the HD and three-dimensional sound. Crisp treble is guaranteed, basses are good also. The maximum output of sound is 60db. It is quite loud.


Comfort and secure fit is supplied by three different sizes of ear-fins (inner hooks, that hold inside your ear) and different sizes of special sound isolation eartips.

Comfortable charging of TREBLAB X2 is done simply by inserting earpieces to the charging dock, which later can be connected to adapter or laptop via USB cable. Earbuds’ battery has up to 5 hours of play time.

A portable charging dock will give you 5 extra hours of playtime. The doc will support you with one full charge.

What’s is interesting, these earbuds can be used separately what gives you a potential extra work time up to 10 hours.

treblab x2 packaging

What’s the quality of Phone Conversations?

Quality of phone conversations is OK. But one thing you will notice quite soon – only one earbud is active in conversation. This is normal functionality.

The manufacturer does not plan to enable second one for the phone calls for this specific model of earphones – onlythe right one, where microphone is located. You will be notified of incoming calls with an industry standard audible beep.

What about the warranty?

The Seller provides a lifetime warranty which covers manufacturing defects (one replacement is possible).

Can I take a shower with these earbuds?

Jogging, sweating and light rain will not cause any troubles for you since the earphones have IPX4 water resistance rating. But they are not built for taking a shower or swimming.

Bottom line: If you want truly wireless earbuds without paying an arm and a leg for Beats or Airpods, grab these X2 earbuds.

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