Pioneer AVH-2300NEX Review – Updated 2023

by Matthew David | Updated: 04/22/2023
What We liked
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Installation process is straightforward
  • The interface features are user-friendly
  • Sizable VGA screen display
What We Didn't Like
  • Does not have installed navigation system
  • The old processing unit makes Pioneer AVH-2300NEX be a bit slow


You can modernize your car by using this double din head unit. In this Pioneer AVH-2300NEX review, you will discover a bunch of apps that make it effectively functional.

Furthermore, Pioneer AVH-23000 NEX uses Bluetooth technology for audio streaming. The same technology allows hands-free calling as the driver remains focused. The dual USB ports are ideal in connecting two phones simultaneously.


As you drive on the road, you will require an entertainment gear, right? This Pioneer AVH-2300NEX review will perfectly give you relevant details.

Pioneer AVH-23000 NEX comes up with an impressive double din heat unit for you. This review will enable you to use the car stereo and avoid losing your mind as you drive on the road.

You will need a device that will inject more life and energy into the car. Once you have Pioneer AVH-2300NEX in your vehicle, you will kill awkward silences.


Apple CarPlay has advanced features that will enhance your driving experience. The presence of an AM/FM stereo tuner will allow you to access your favorite station.

You will not encounter reception challenges. The stations will undergo automatic fine-tuning to synchronize with the perfect frequency.

It will be exciting to note that this car stereo has a 7-ich touchscreen display. It is highly responsive as it mimics the screen of a tablet or a smartphone.

You can easily customize this interface to suit your preferences. The screen has multi-colored illuminations with improved clarity in all conditions.

If you are a family man, you can keep your kids entertained throughout the journey. The user will enjoy the service of quality speakers that have superior audio quality.

The Bluetooth technology enables you to respond to calls hands-free. The cables will be a past thing since wireless technology enhances audio streaming.

You will experience a fast connection to allow you to listen to your music. Some apps like Spotify will enable almost instantaneous loading results.

Smartphone Technology

The AVH-23000NEX features Carplay and Android auto. Thus it will also operate on these platforms. It will organize and bring useful information that you will need while driving your car.

The design of this software is unique since it minimizes distractions as you drive. The smartphones are also compatible with this app.

Unfortunately, Pioneer Android Auto is not present in all countries or regions. Still, it has Apple car play, which is smarter and safer.

Apple CarPlay will enable the iPhone user to make calls and listen to music. With just a word or touch, you can access the messages.

As you touch the NEX touchscreen, the Siri will begin to listen. It gets signals through the external microphone. It will answer all your requests and questions over the speakers. You can still use it to access maps.

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The product is SiriusXM-ready to allow you to access more than 140 channels. You will take advantage of the design to improve entertainment.

You can perform Sirius programming via SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner. You will get this function separately as it requires a subscription.

Another exciting feature is the AppRadio Mode, which is a game-changer. The app is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.

The app will give the user a personalized service that you require in a vehicle. It may include calendar, news, maps, and media.

You can easily download this app before you engage its services. You can later sync your services and reap the benefits of the app.


When sophistication meets technology, the results are mind-blowing. The built-in Bluetooth will allow you to obey hands-free laws as you stay safe.

You can effortlessly pair it with a built-in Bluetooth enabled phone. It saves you the time of going to a complicated setting. The technology is user-friendly.


The registered Bluetooth device must be in a close with the receiver. Similarly, the auto connection function will automatically begin to pair the two units.

You can still pair with the audio device to allow audio streaming. The use of new wideband Speech Hands-free function enhances better call reception quality.

It combines with frequency bandwidths to restore call quality. It will only be comparable to FM reception. The Bluetooth will enable one to browse music libraries on the smartphones wirelessly.

Sound Quality

Music will always inject life into your car as you drive. The Pioneer AVH-23000NEX has controls that will enhance your listening experience.

The Time Alignment and Auto EQ will improve the quality of your sound. There is also a built-in low, and a high pass cross has adjustable points.

The 13-band graphic equalizer has touch panel swipe settings. It will fine-tune the sound to match your listening preferences.

You also need a CD MC20 microphone for Auto EQ features. However, you must buy it separately—the car stereo use six channels of preamp outputs. You can connect it to the subwoofer, rear, and front speakers.

Camera and Remote Control

The Pioneer AVH-23000NEX uses a remote control for its operations. The remote control combines with steering wheel controls like remote adapters to smoothen the process.

The presence of the backup camera will cover the details of the back. You will also need the backup camera for the accurate parking of your car.

You can still involve the remote control to control screen features. The passenger will use it to see videos without touching the screen.

File formats

You can play music by connecting external devices. They include smartphones or CD and a DVD player. You will choose your favorite music from the available tracks.

One can use the USB ports to connect at least two phones. Concerning the same, you can use the USB ports to charge your phones and tablets.

Most importantly, it uses various file formats to play music. They may include MP3, MP4, FLAC, WAV, AAC, and MKV.


Pioneer AVH-23000NEX is compatible with iDatalink maestro. The design is helpful since it retains factory features in various vehicles.

Furthermore, the same iDatalink Maestro displays the right information on the screen. Precisely, it will indicate engine performance data on the touchscreen.


The carplay Android Auto is compatible with a variety of steering wheel audio controls. However, you will need an adapter for it to work optimally.

The Pioneer AVH-23000NEX is CTA-2006 compliant. It is a guarantee of quality since buyers will want to acquire the right device.

The car stereo uses a 7-inch touchscreen, which sizable. It offers large icons which you can see and use properly. Moreover, the touchscreen does not accumulate dust. Or else, it does pronounce your fingerprints on the screen.


The Google maps are not available on CarPlay Android. However, such an eventuality will not break the deal. You can alternatively access it through Bluetooth connection using your phone.

Another shortcoming is one cannot eject the faceplate when the car is on. You must shut it off to remove the faceplate, which is annoying anyway.

Another item of concern is the AppRadio. The software does not work consistently. They should come out with alternative measures to make it user-friendly.

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1. Alpine iLX-207

It is a digital receiver that relies on wireless protocols for its functions. The 7-ich capacitive touchscreen if accurate and responsive.

The use of Bluetooth technology brings a high degree of efficiency. It provides a stable, secure, and dependable connection.

The Car stereo has a stable Wi-Fi connection, which supports 5GHz. It ensures a stable connection to Apple and Android devices.

It also has two USB ports where you can charge smartphones. Furthermore, it is compatible with iDatalink. The technology which enables you to make factory entertainment settings.

The presence of Alpine Tune It app will enable you to adjust audio settings. Typically, the care stereo is Apple CarPlay and Android compatible.

The digital receiver has an easy to use interface. One can improve the audio sound quality by using the 9-band-parametric equalizer.

This device will easily connect to the local AM and FM stations. You can, therefore, enjoy the music as you drive your car.

You can also make use of the camera input to get back details. The camera input comes in handy when you want to park your car.

2. Kenwood eXcelon DNX995S

This car stereo is full of apps that will keep you entertained. The notable ones are Spotify and Pandora. It is entirely compatible with Android Auto.

The product uses a 7-inch screen that is easy to use. It has large icons and screen buttons which you can access effortlessly.

The touchscreen boasts of a 720 resolution. The user can personalize every item that appears on the screen for security purposes. You can standardize it to be easily viewable without causing distraction.

The digital receiver has essential features like a rear camera for improved functionalities. The six-channel preamp outputs will enhance the car sound system.

You can connect and get the right output from the subwoofer and the speakers. It will restore a clear and crisp sound. You will get a chance to listen to the FM and AM stations. You can still access the music from CD and DVD files.

3. JVC Double DIN

The car stereo has a satellite radio that will keep you entertained whenever you use it. It plays both FM and AM stations.

You can still access files from CDs and DVDs to get the right music. You will nourish your soul with music and make the journey enjoyable.

The double head din unit has camera units that support plug and play. You will use the camera system to improve the functionalities.

The product uses K2 technology to manage its sound system. It makes use of EQ for boosting its frequencies. It uses a large 6.8-inch capacitive screen for displaying the output. The customizable interface is user-friendly.

The Bluetooth technology makes allow hands-free calling. The GPS feature will enable the drive to navigate places effortlessly.

In Conclusion

You can consider this product if you desired to remain entertained. It has various features that will improve its functions. The product uses wireless technology for all hands-free calls. The design will ensure that the driver does not lose the mind while on the way.

The user will still have the advantage of using two platforms. They include Carplay Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, where you can connect your smartphones or tablets. As you drive, you can access the FM and AM channels and get updated.

By following our advice in this review, you will make the right choices.

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