Noise Cancelling Speakers Outdoors

by Matthew David | Updated: 09/12/2023

Noise Cancelling Speakers Outdoors

Have you ever been annoyed by noisy neighbors or loud vehicles when trying to relax in your backyard or garden? As outdoor living spaces become more popular, so does outdoor noise pollution. Active noise cancelling (ANC) technology offers a high-tech solution to block unwanted sounds when you’re outside. In this guide, we’ll explore how active noise cancellation works, top speaker options to consider, and tips to get the most out of noise cancelling speakers outdoors. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Outdoor Noise Problems

Outdoor areas can be just as noisy, if not noisier, than indoor spaces. Common outdoor noise culprits include nearby roads, railways, airports, construction sites, barking dogs, power tools, and loud music from neighbors. Studies show noise pollution is linked to increased stress, sleep disturbances, cardiovascular issues, and hearing loss over time.

Measuring sound levels outdoors uses decibels (dB). The A-weighted decibel scale (dBA) is commonly used to assess environmental noise based on human hearing sensitivity. Noise above 70 dBA is considered dangerous and can cause permanent hearing damage. Many cities have noise regulations; for example, the allowable noise limit for residential areas is often 55 dBA during the day and 45 dBA at night.

Minimizing noise outdoors comes with unique challenges compared to indoor acoustics. Sound dissipates instead of echoing but factors like wind and reflection off surfaces make controlling noise difficult. This is where active noise cancelling technology can help combat ambient sounds.

How Active Noise Cancellation Works

Active noise cancellation (ANC) uses speakers to generate inverted sound waves that destructively interfere with and cancel out unwanted noise. It’s different from passive noise cancellation which relies on physical blocking, like insulation. ANC involves:

This technology works best on consistent, low frequency sounds like the steady hum of engines. Sudden, high-pitched, or multi-directional sounds are more difficult to cancel. But ANC can still mask other noise to some degree.

Considerations for Outdoor ANC Speakers

Using active noise cancelling speakers outdoors poses some unique considerations:

Top Noise Cancelling Speaker Options

With the growth in outdoor living, manufacturers now offer noise cancelling speakers designed specifically for outdoor use. Here are some top picks:

Bose QuietComfort 45 Outdoor Speakers

The iconic audio brand Bose makes these weather-resistant speakers with adjustable mounts and 360-degree sound projection. They connect to other QuietComfort 45 products for whole-home noise cancellation.

Pros: Powerful ANC, wnind-resistant, connects to home WiFi and voice assistants

Cons: Very expensive, only works with Bose ANC ecosystem

JBL Boombox 2 Portable Speaker

This super rugged Bluetooth speaker pumps out intense sound for its size. The battery lasts 24 hours and it has an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Pros: Loud, durable design, long battery life

Cons: No built-in ANC but loud enough to mask noise

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

Anker’s speaker has better ANC than comparable models under $150. The directed sound mode aims sound for focused noise cancellation.

Pros: Great value, USB-C charging, handles splashes well

Cons: ANC performance lags premium brands

When comparing noise cancelling outdoor speakers, be sure to check the speaker wattage, frequency range, noise cancellation depth, and battery life. Prices range from $50 for basic portable models to $800+ for premium installed systems. Consider how much background noise masking you need versus complete cancellation.

Tips for Placement and Use

To maximize noise reduction from your outdoor speakers, keep these tips in mind:

Proper placement and testing different configurations will help boost the noise cancelling performance outdoors. You may need a couple different speaker arrangements for optimal coverage.

Future Innovations

ANC technology will continue advancing with developments like:

As research makes active noise control more accessible and effective, regulations on outdoor sound may adjust to embrace these innovations responsibly.


Blocking unwanted noise in outdoor areas poses challenges but active noise cancellation technology offers a high-tech solution. Seeking weatherproof designs with extended battery life or solar charging ensures reliable performance outside. Combining directional ANC speakers with sound absorption allows you to enjoy your outdoor oasis in peace and quiet. As costs come down, expect to see noise cancelling speakers become as common outside as they are today on flights and in offices. The future is quieter and that’s music to our ears.