Electronic Drum Kit Headphones Buyers Guide

by Matthew David | Updated: 12/19/2020

Drums have been a long time favorite of musicians and audience alike and still are but, there are some downfalls for many with the traditional drum kits, number one is the noise when practicing especially for family and neighbors this is why many musicians and hobby drummers are switching to or embracing the idea of electronic drum kits.

But, no matter the quality of these drum kits from cheap to expensive there is no use in buying a $5,000 set unless you get good quality headphones. You simply cannot ignore this if you do you will never appreciate the true potential of your drum kit. Choosing headphones for electronic drums from SoundHalo will be a purchase you will not regret. 

Advantages of a good set of headphones

Now you are looking to choose a good quality set of headphones you can get more adventurous and creative. Kids especially will become more adventurous in what sounds they potentially can play without anybody criticizing or being upset by the noise in turn helping their talent to progress and nurture. This is of course also true of adults, for beginners you can try Bluetooth headphones as somewhere to start.

Things to look for in quality headphones

The comfort factor is a major point to consider, you may well spend hours either practicing at home, in-studio sessions, or playing live gigs and you don’t need to be distracted by ill-fitting headphones that will take the sheer enjoyment out of playing.

The weight of your headphones should also be a big factor in choosing headphones for electronic drums, you ideally need to aim for something in the range of 8-10oz. Anything too heavy can cause headaches and a stiff neck but everybody is different so choose accordingly.

SPL is what ultimately allows the electronic drums to be heard as an acoustic sound. The Sound Pressure Level should not be above 120 decibels or this can be damaging to the eardrums.

When considering which headphones to buy you must also consider the aspect of connecting your headphones, this may not seem too important and is often overlooked. A cable connection is often preferred. Cable headphones just need to be jacked in and you’re good to go but as with any cable system it is liable to wear and you may notice the quality diminish over time but this is natural. Bluetooth is another option but you have to ensure they are fully charged before you play or it may be embarrassing depending and not to mention very frustratingly on your circumstance, just imagine being in the studio or on stage and everything has to stop because you forgot to charge or replace batteries.

Another very important thing to look for is the size of the drivers, it will greatly improve the quality and enjoyment of your new e-drum headphones. Typically the best fall between the range of 40-45mm. This is very important as it’s the drivers that create the sound waves and produce the vibrations. Anything less than this range will be detrimental to the quality of sound.

Sound quality is ultimately the goal of all musicians in the environment they are playing. Being a skilled drummer if the sounds are not right it diminishes our enjoyment and getting the right headphones is paramount, the range of the headphones should fall between 20 kilohertz – 20 hertz if this is not the case you are not enjoying and getting the full potential from your sessions.

Reducing outside noise influence 

It is very important to minimize the outside noise presence, distracting and lessening the enjoyment of your session. For this reason, it is essential to have a good thick outer covering that fully encompasses the entire ear letting little or no outside noise disrupt you.

Active noise control is an important option

To aid with noise reduction, trying to use ANC or active noise control is a relatively new concept and is now being incorporated in many headphones for electronic drum kits. Active noise control is designed to fully block out any outside interference.

This technology is a little hard to understand but essentially the ANC part of your headphone picks up the outside noise before you can hear the sounds and cancels them out, disrupting outside noise and is especially good at ranges between 1-2 kHz. They are not always perfect but still worth investing in and as technology improves it’s surely the future of headphones for electronic drumming.

The importance of the cable length 

If you have chosen to purchase the cable option one of the main factors to consider is the length of the cable for your headphones. The distance between the amp and the pads is very important; you don’t want to be restricted in your movement. Find yourself a pair with an extra-long cable length as a shorter cable will diminish freedom of movement and creativity.