Do Gaming Monitors Have Speakers

by Matthew David | Updated: 09/13/2023

Do Gaming Monitors Have Speakers

So you’re in the market for a shiny new gaming monitor. You’ve already spent hours researching the perfect display size, resolution, refresh rate – your head is spinning with specs!

But wait – what about audio? Do gaming monitors even have built-in speakers?

It’s a fair question. With all those performance metrics to parse, sound can be an afterthought. But it’s just as critical for an immersive gaming experience.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about gaming monitor audio. You’ll learn:

Let’s dive in!

Speakers in Gaming Monitors

Back in the day, PC monitors usually didn’t have any speakers at all. Gamers had to buy separate speakers or settle for crummy headphone audio.

But monitor tech has come a long way since then! Now, many gaming displays actually have pretty impressive built-in speakers.

That said, not all monitors have speakers. Some budget models leave them out to cut costs. And brands making monitors for competitive esports may skip them since those gamers use headsets anyway.

So if audio matters to you, it pays to do your research before buying. Always check the monitor’s specs for speaker details. You’ll want at least a 2.1 channel system with dual speakers and a subwoofer.

To Speak or Not to Speak?

Including speakers does add expense for manufacturers. But for many gamers, it’s a welcome feature that saves buying more gear.

Built-in audio also reduces cable clutter on your desk. And convenience is king, right?

That said, internal speakers do have limitations. They require compact drivers that may lack the richest sound.

So if you’re an audiophile seeking the best quality, you’ll still want dedicated external speakers or a soundbar.

For most casual gaming though, monitor speakers should do the trick!

Audio Needs for Gaming

Why is sound so important for gaming anyway? Short answer: immersion.

Good audio pulls you into the game by enhancing awareness and emotion. Let’s look at some examples:

Shooters – Directional noises help you locate enemies and threats. Giving you the edge you need to win!

RPGs – Background music and sound effects breathe life into expansive worlds. Making them feel more realistic.

Horror – Creepy sounds ratchet up tension and make you leap out of your seat. Taking the scare factor to the next level!

See what we mean? Sound takes engaging onscreen action and cranks it up to 11.

Now, for single player or casual gaming, built-in speakers can provide decent audio. But competitive gamers need the best positioning that comes from a high-end headset.

The point is, don’t neglect sound quality – in competitive or solo play. Look for a monitor with rich, multilayered audio that makes gaming worlds feel alive.

Monitor Speaker Technology

Remember the tinny speakers of yore? Thankfully, today’s gaming monitors have come a long way in audio tech.

Many now feature advanced speaker systems tailored for entertainment. We’re talking immersive surround sound that rivals TVs!

Key innovations in gaming monitor audio include:

Brands like BenQ pack monitors with optimized treVolo speaker tech sporting specs like these. Resulting in impressive built-in audio with deep bass and crystal clear sound.

Not all brands are equal though. Do your research to find monitors with robust sound components that enhance your gameplay rather than distract from it.

Making the Right Choice

At this point, you might be wondering: should I get a monitor with or without speakers?

As with most things, it depends on your specific needs and setup. Here are a few key factors to consider:

Existing Audio Gear – If you already have a solid headset or speakers, built-in audio is less necessary. Though it still de-clutters your desk!

Competitive Gaming – Hardcore online gamers need every advantage, so a high-end headset is a must.

Desktop Real Estate – Built-in audio preserves precious desk space. So if you’re cramped, skip the external speakers.

Audio Quality – Monitor speakers range from decent to impressive. Check reviews and specs carefully before buying.

Budget – Speakers add cost, so if you’re on a tight budget they may be a luxury. Prioritize your display first.

See how many factors come into play? Think through your needs, space, and existing gear. Then decide if integrated audio is a smart buy for you.

There are so many great monitors out there. With the right research, you can find an ideal match!

High-End Audio Options

What if built-in monitor sound just doesn’t cut it for you? No worries – you’ve got options to upgrade!

External Speakers – Desktop speakers or soundbars offer more powerful, multilayered sound than monitor audio.

Surround Sound – For truly immersive audio, a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system can’t be beat.

Headset – Get awesome positional audio for competitive gaming with a high-end gaming headset.

Sound Card – A dedicated sound card amps up audio processing for the clearest, richest sound.

Just keep in mind – more gear means more cash, cables, and desk clutter. So only go for premium sound if it really enhances your experience.

Wrap Up

And there you have it – the full scoop on gaming monitor audio!

The key takeaways:

Armed with this knowledge, you can shop smarter and get a gaming monitor that truly levels up your play with phenomenal visuals and audio.

Now get out there, do your research, and game on!