7 Best Subwoofers Under $1000

by Matthew David | Updated: June 15, 2020

Arguably, every music fan dreams of a high-quality sound system. As a result, the electronics market has been developing very intensively.

Due to this reason, finding the right subwoofer has become a little daunting. The woofer manufacturers are presenting products with a vast range of features.

Consequently, their prices tend to go over the budget of most individuals. But, you can still get the best subwoofer under 1000.

In this review, we shall disclose seven such subwoofers.

1. SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer – Best for bass sound.

The design for this SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer enables it to have superb sound quality.

This product gives you a lot of flexibility within the lower sound frequency. Also, it produces remarkable and precise bass sounds. As a result, it delivers excellent sound quality, thus enhancing your listening experience.

Besides, its output driver enables it to have a higher output. Moreover, it minimizes distortion levels drastically, hence making the sound more detailed.

This feature enables you to listen to the purest form of the bass sound. Consequently, it makes your movie watching and musing listening more appealing.

The device comes with a fantastic design as well. It has an incredible black finish, which is modern and ultra-sleek. As a result, it makes your décor and living room look stylish and attractive.

It has smooth corners as well to avoid a hard look. Also, it has a metal grille on the front side, which makes it more stylish.

This device is only 12” in size, thus making it have a perfect fit in most modern spaces. Moreover, it weighs just 66 lbs, thus making it more portable.

Furthermore, the features of this device enable it to integrate with ease.  So, you can effortlessly connect it to your stereo system or home theater system.

This SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer comes with software that is simple to use. Thus, its setup process becomes a breeze. This versatile subwoofer is ideal for both music and movies.

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2. Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer – Best for quality.

This Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer produces a high-quality sound.

Although this product has a low-budget, it is well made to offer superb sound. It has a 10-inches driver, which is vital for perfect depth sound. Also, this driver makes the sub to be loud enough.

Besides, it has 50 watts of power output RMS and 100 watts PEAK. As a result, this product enables you to achieve a decent sound.

This sub has a crossover that runs from 80Hz to 160Hz. Also, its frequency response goes as low as 40Hz. Besides, on the high end, it goes up to 160Hz. Hence, these features enable it to deliver a wide range of sounds.

Due to its stylish design, this woofer can easily fit in your room’s decoration. On the front side, this device has a detachable grille. Moreover, its sides have a unique wooden surface and a shiny metallic on the front.

You can easily pair this device with your audio systems. It has a speaker and line-level inputs for easy connection. Also, it has a Phase Toggle Switch, thus enabling you to use many subwoofers at a go.

Furthermore, this product offers distortion-free performance. As a result, it allows you to enjoy precise and detailed audio.

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3. Yamaha NS-SW300PN Powered Subwoofer – Best for frequency range.

Yamaha NS-SW300PN Powered Subwoofer produces excellent and clear sound.

Due to its small size, this product has a 10-inch cone. However, it comes with a perfect frequency range, which can go as low as 20Hz. On the upper end, this bass-maker can offer an impressive array of 160 Hz.

As a result, it minimizes distortion, hence making the sound clear and detailed. Besides, this product has a front-firing feature that works perfectly.

Unlike other products that have round voice coil wires, in this device, they are square. Consequently, it helps to boost the magnetic flux density. Thus, the sub makes a deep bass sound that is clean and tight.

This Yamaha NS-SW300PN has an advanced active servo technology. So, it is capable of implementing both negative impedance and the constant current.

As a result, it improves the speaker’s cones tightness, hence producing more linear lower frequencies. The deep bass sound becomes remarkably accurate. Also, it improves the overall subwoofer’s sound quality.

Its port has a unique twisted flare design that works excellently to minimize the air turbulence amount. So, this feature allows the air to diffuse equally. As a result, it positively affects other sound effects apart from those of low-frequency.

Although it is very powerful or loud, its performance is good enough. Besides, it looks stylish and modern, thus giving your house a fantastic look.

Likewise, it has convenient controls placing, which makes it easy to use. Moreover, they look attractive, as well. Also, it comes at a very reasonable price. It comes with a one year warranty as well.

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4. KRK 12S2 V2 Powered Studio Subwoofer – Best for sound clarity.

The design for this KRK 12S2 Subwoofer is ideal for a recording studio environment.

Studios require subwoofers that can play precise and tight bass. So, this product gives you that. Thus, it enables you to listen to low-frequency audio with clarity.

However, its lower frequency ranges go down to 39Hz. But, it PEAKs out at a very impressive 139 Hz. This feature makes it good at quite high ranges.

It has precision limiters, which facilitates for perfect sync of amplifiers and the subwoofer. Therefore, it offers a detailed and superb sound at lower frequencies.

Besides, you can listen to your music at super-high volumes and excellent quality. It ensures that there is no distortion, thus sounding clearer.

Its curved design at the front-firing bass port is fantastic. It facilitates high flexibility placement.

As a result, you can consistently hear the sound from different points. As a result, this feature makes it more reliable for studio use.

This device has a dedicated crossover as well. Also, it comes with an optional high-pass filter bypass. So, you can seamlessly use this sub with monitors.

Apart from this KRK 12S2 V2 Powered Studio Subwoofer being powerful, it is lightweight. Thus, it is easily portable. Also, it comes at a very affordable budget for its performance.

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5. Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer – Best for great design.

This Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer offers a superb and high-quality sound.

The power rating of this Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer is fantastic. It can run at 400 continuous power watts and peak up at 800 watts.

Also, it has a superb frequency range that can go as low as 18 Hz. Moreover, it can go high up to 125 Hz. This feature enables this product to produce a superb sound.

Its front-firing feature enables it to offer clear low-frequency sound. Besides, you can listen to music at high volumes and with precise bass. This Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer facilitates for reduced distortion while listening to high volumes.

Likewise, this device has minimized cone breakup. Also, due to its high copper material, it is long-lasting. Besides, its front-firing design gives it more placement mobility.

Due to its inside designed port, this sub gets rid of noise produced by internal ports. Hence, the bass sound offered is of super high quality.

Its wireless feature makes it easy to set up. As a result, you can easily connect it to your home theater system or stereo.

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6. Nakamichi Shockwafe Subwoofer – Best for easy control.

This Nakamichi Shockwafe Subwoofer is capable of elevating smaller sound details.

The product uses SSE technology, which enhances the sound quality. It has three advanced audio processing engines. Thus, they work simultaneously to offer a detailed sound.

Although this product comes with a pair of subwoofers, they are eight inches in size. So, they can perfectly fit into smaller rooms.

Besides, they have wireless features, thus enabling you to place them at any corner. Since they have reduced distortion amount, they help you enjoy the superb sound.

Moreover, you can connect these subwoofers to Dolby Vision. As a result, it boosts your listening experience more.

The product has many connectivity ports, thus making it more compatible. It comes with optical, HDMI, and coaxial input ports.

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7. Polk Audio PSW505 Powered Subwoofer – Best for compatibility.

This Polk Audio PSW505 Powered Subwoofer offers a high volume and quality sound.

It is 12 inches in size, thus enabling it to deliver tons of audio power. Also, it has 460 watts of its high performance. Besides, it has 300 watts of RMS, thus enabling you to experience top-notch loudness. It has minimum distortion as well.

Moreover, it has a wide frequency response range of 25 Hz to 125 Hz. This feature enables you to enjoy a top-notch punch on all the low notes. As a result, deep bass lovers enjoy this model more.

This versatile woofer has a detachable front grille. So, the sub looks stylish and attractive. This feature helps it enhance its overall sound performance as well.

It has an LFE input, which has a magnetic shield for a better connection. Besides, it comes with a speaker and line-level inputs that enhance more compatibilities.

Furthermore, this product enables you to add a Phase Toggle switch, which it comes with. It allows you to match many subs at a go.

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Buyer’s Guide

In the current market, there are many types of subwoofers. They come with different features and designs. Thus, it is a challenge to choose the best.

But, having the right facts can get a superb sound at a low budget. However, you have to prioritize various attributes. Consequently, you will get the best subwoofer, depending on your primary use for it.

Things you must consider while choosing the best subwoofer under 1000.

1. Proper wattage

Subwoofer wattage is a vital thing to consider while choosing a quality sound. There are two types of watts; PEAK and RMS.

RMS refers to the regular or continuous wattage used by the subwoofer. PEAK is the maximum watts amount used by a subwoofer.

So, RMS refers to the standard. It helps you know the amount of power a woofer can convey most of the time. The PEAK is an extent to that one can amp up the woofer to deliver.

Therefore, the best subwoofers offer high power amounts, maybe 1000 watts or so. Such bass-makers are more precise and louder at high volumes. Also, they produce a more pleasant sound.

However, not everyone likes noisy or too much punchy devices. Such individuals should go for 100 or 200 watts subwoofers. They will perfectly match their demands.

2. Frequency response

This feature focuses on the sounds or tones that a subwoofer can meet. So, it is a crucial factor to consider while choosing the best bass-maker. Hertz (Hz) are the units used to measure the frequency response.

This feature determines the accuracy of how a woofer can reproduce the sound. Therefore, bass-makers with a lower minus/plus value offers a smaller difference.

So, you can choose a speaker that either subtracts or promotes different frequencies. Consequently, separate subwoofers can make music sound differently in terms of sound details.

3. Driver size

This feature refers to the size of the subwoofer’s cone. However, the function of a cone is to create the sound. So, its size determines the amount of sound it can deliver.

As a result, subwoofers whose cone size is above 12-inches are the best. They produce high volume and deep bass sounds.

But, if you have a normal-sized room, a 10-inches model or lesser will serve you right. It will deliver a decent volume, loudness, and bass.

Also, the driver size determines the design of the woofer as well. Significant drivers call for bigger subwoofers. So, this factor is vital in helping you choose the ideal model for your room.

4. The crossover

The subwoofers crossover works as a filter. It assists the bass-maker in picking up on the many frequencies. As a result, it allows you to listen to a tight bass sound.

Besides, it enables you to hear all the other sounds from other high-frequency speakers connected. So, the sound produced becomes more precise and detailed.

When watching a movie, for example, there are multiple sound effects taking place at once. However, a high-quality crossover system prevents these frequencies from getting muddled. As a result, there is no distortion caused, hence improving the sound quality.

5. Types of enclosures

Subwoofers come with different enclosure types. They are ports and seals, and each type has its benefits.

Woofers that have sealed enclosure hold back certain sound waves. As a result, it enables you to listen to the sound with more crispness.

But, due to technological advancement in the modern world, subs with ports superb as well. Therefore, the type of enclosure you want for your woofers is a personal preference.

In most cases, this factor depends on how you are going to use your subwoofer. So, it is a critical feature to consider.

6. Down-firing and front-firing subwoofers

These subwoofer types work better when positioned in different room areas. Front-firing subs produce the audio from the front. So, they perform better when you pace them in front of you.

Conversely, sound from down-firing speakers goes through the ground downwards. As a result, this type of speaker is ideal when placed in a corner. It gives low frequencies a better travel, thus enhancing your listening experience.

7. Warranty

Unquestionably, warranties are always better when you get longer ones. When a sub has a comprehensive and lengthy warranty, it demonstrates the confidence of its builders.

As a result, such bass-makers are well built, thus more reliable. However, they might invite a higher price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do subwoofers under 1000 distort?

Some of the bass-maker models, mostly those in the lower tier, do distort. But, you will rarely experience vibrations and distortion for models that are around $1000.

Where should I position my subwoofer in the living room?

Generally, you can place your subwoofer anywhere in the room. But, you should ensure that there are no objects in front of it. However, some individuals claim that you should place your sub about three feet away from your TV. As a result, the sound travels more effectively, thus being clearer.

Is it advisable to use two subs at the same time?

There is no problem with using more than one subwoofer. You can use as many as your media system can support. It is always possible and practical to use many subwoofers.

How useful are volume, phase toggle, and crossover controls?

For individuals who like tweaking the practicality and sound of their subs, these controls are vital. They assist in changing the frequencies and tweaking the volume. Besides, these controls ensure that your device works with all audio systems.

Is it possible to get vibrations, buzz, or distortions with high-quality models?

Your super high-quality subwoofer can have sound issues. Therefore, you should always ensure your background connections are okay. Also, the placing of your subwoofer, among other factors, should be superb. When setting up your bass-maker, take all these factors into account.

How should I set up my sub for a home theater?

You should ensure that your subwoofer sound is not too overpowering. Instead, you should experiment with low-frequency levels, along with other speakers, until you attain the balance.

What is the difference between continuous and dynamic power output?

Dynamic power output is the measurement of the subwoofer’s loudness at its maximum volume. The continuous power output refers to the sound measurement a sub can produce for a prolonged period.


The right subwoofer is vital in offering a top-notch sound experience. Such subs produce quality, detailed, and balanced audios. As a result, they make your movie watching and music listening moments enjoyable.

If you want to get the best subwoofer under 1000, you must consider various features.  Proper wattage and the right response frequency range are essential.

Besides, driver size, crossover, and enclosure type are vital as well. All these features enhance quality sound. Also, it determines the loudness of a subwoofer.

Also, price is a significant factor to consider. It helps you shop a high-quality product within your budget. Moreover, the warranty is crucial since it guarantees you of the product quality.

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