Best Headphones Under 200 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2023

by Matthew David | Updated: April 17, 2023

Shopping for a new set of headphones can be difficult. The modern marketplace is filled with fantastic products boasting a wide variety of features and spanning areas of the price tag spectrum. So we are going to help narrow down your choices. Below we have compiled a list of our choices for the Best Headphones for Under $200 in 2020.

This review list is going to be assuming some prior knowledge of the different types of headphones and what the various features do. To that end, there will be a fair bit of technical jargon thrown into it. But fear not. We have constructed a comprehensive headphones buyers guide that covers the different technical terms and highlights the difference between the four major headphone variations.

Buyer Information for the Best Headphones Under $200

This article is going to be specifically looking at Over-Ear Headphones, both closed and open back styles, and a couple of sports options for in-ear headphones. So if you are looking for some earbuds, we have also released a fantastic review highlighting the best earbuds under 200 dollars.

One thing I feel it is important to mention here is the variation in the quality you will see with a list looking at products under $200.

Firstly, you will find a lot of these units excel in a specific area. Different brands make their name by specializing their products into an area such as sound or battery life. For products in this price range, you will find you have to decide what trade-offs you are willing to make in some areas for excellence in others.

Secondly, for over the ear over headphones under $200, there is a distinct split between their practical uses. If you got a headset for $500, you would find it is useful for both personal listening and great for a studio environment. But for $200, you will find the units designed either for studio use or personal use.  This review will be looking at units more geared toward personal use. But we have also created a handy review looking at the best studio headphones under 200 dollars.

Lastly, you will notice that some of the open back units often offer a bit more bang for your buck in terms of feature quality. This is due to them being cheaper to produce and the premium attached to the innate noise cancellation of closed-back units. But this difference isn’t massive. So don’t be discouraged if you are keen for a pair of open-back headphones.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and look at the top 6 best headphones under 200!

Best Closed-Back Headphones Under $200

1. Sony WHXB900 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Our first choice in the Closed-Back headphones Category is a strong contender for the best headphones under 200. Anything with the Sony branding on it is going to be filled with high-quality tech and matched with a sleek design and comfortable fitting.

The WHXB900 caught our eye immediately with the words ‘Noise Cancelling.’ Closed Back Headphones have innate noise cancellation built-in, so any product that comes with additional support for it, especially in the below $200 price range, is already a fantastic find. For those looking for an immersive listening experience, without the distractions of the world around you, this is a great choice.

For those interested in a specific sound, this unit comes with extra Bass production. The system does not feature control over the bass levels, but if you are a bass-head, you will be more than satisfied with the sound quality.

The unit is fully wireless, supporting Bluetooth connection. All the reviews seem to indicate it offers a sturdy, consistent connection, so very little chance of stuttering or disconnect issues occurring. This is paired with impressive 30-Hour battery life and quick charging compatibility. It offers 60-minutes of charge time for every 10-minutes it is charging

A fantastic addition to this unit, and the one that moved it to one of our top choices, is the support for your phone’s voice assistant. Alexa and google assistant can both be accessed hands-free with the inbuilt mic, allowing you more control over your music playback with less hassle.

This product sits near the $200 mark, and fairly so considering the quality of the unit, plus the carry bag and audio cable that comes as standard with it. For anyone looking to step up their personal listening, this is a fantastic choice.

2. Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Beats is another name that is associated with top quality tech. Putting a greater emphasis on style and sound quality, Beats headphones are a powerhouse of the industry. Which is why the Solo 3 is one of our top choices in this category.

Since Beats is all about the audio, let’s look at that first. Any Beats speakers put a massive emphasis on creating a balanced, crisp sound. The Solo 3 follows suit, putting an extra emphasis on the acoustics to make sure you are experiencing your music as its meant to be. This paired with the natural noise cancellation created by the closed-back design means you can become fully immersed in the music.

This product is geared more towards Apple devices as it comes with the Apple W1 Chip. This chip means the connection between the devices is unbelievably stable and there is little-to-no audio degradation due to wireless connectivity. It also allows you to connect it to all your Apple products, so you can use it with your MacBook or even your Apple TV.

One of my favorite features of the Solo 3 is the staggering 40 hours of battery life. This is absolutely fantastic for a unit of this price and with such solid sound quality. You will never be caught unaware. Some of the reviews for the product claim the battery life can go over 40 hours at times, which is another point in its favor.

This is paired with an in-built microphone for taking calls and the speakers have a control panel, meaning you have full audio playback control without getting your phone out. This unit sits around the $150 mark, which we think is a fantastic price for everything you get. It is the perfect closed-back product for casual listeners who wants an incredibly balanced sound.

Best Sports Headphones Under $200

1. Sony WF-SP800N Truly Wireless Sports In-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones

Our first choice in the sports category goes straight back to a Sony model, and for good reason too. The WF-SP800N is a serious bit of kit that will please anyone who is dedicated to their workout sessions and wants to bring a strong pair of headphones to match.

The first thing to note is the design. Sony has moved away from its typical sleek-black design and adopted a more vibrant color that utilizes a refined shape to achieve a comfortable in-ear fit that won’t fall out during the most rigorous of workout sessions.

The product comes with a sleek charging case that can hold an additional charge within it. The units themselves have a 9-Hour battery life or 13-Hours with the noise canceling off. And these values are doubled if you have the carry case handed and fully charged.

Speaking of noise-canceling, the units come with it as an additional feature, not just the natural noise canceling that the in-ear design offers. For a pair of in-ear headphones, it is always impressive to see active noise canceling. So if you workout at a busy gym, these will let you stay fully in the zone.

The units come with a microphone built-in and full Alexa support. This means you will have unparalleled audio playback control while you work out. This is paired with a truly wireless design for maximum mobility. Of course, the units are both sweat and waterproof, so no worries about them getting damaged.

A side note feature, in our opinion, is the bass boosting tech installed into the speakers. A nice little addition to an already stellar product. So if you want to combine bass-heavy music with your workout, this gives you that chance.

This unit sits at the $150 mark, which is fantastic for what you get. But it is definitely aimed at those who engage in consistent and rigorous workout sessions.

2. PowerPro Sport 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones

Our next choice in the sports category is a budget option that offers a fantastic bang for your buck. The PowerPro Sport 5.0 is a great set of high end headphones designed for causal athletes, or those slowing working their way up to bigger things.

Straight away these headphones offers fantastic sound quality. Utilizing 11mm drivers, it created a crisp HD stereo sound with an emphasis on bass boosting as well, for those interested in that.

The real advantage comes in the battery life, particularly the charging case. The units themselves offer 12-Hours of charge, which is fantastic for a small pair of in-ear headphones. But the charging case can hold 5 separate charges, meaning you can run this unit for up to 50-Hours without needing to plug into a wall. And to top it off, the case is fast charging compatible as well, so you are guaranteed to get back to it as soon as possible.

The units feature an ergonomic design that hooks around the ear, making sure they stay in place for the duration of your workout. This is combined with the fully waterproof and sweatproof casing, allowing you to drench yourself for a cool down and not damage the product.

The Bluetooth connectivity on this pair of sports bluetooth headphones is extremely stable as well. It features Bluetooth 5.0, which is always a fantastic inclusion. The reviews for this product speak favorably of the connection strength, saying there is very little-to-no stuttering or random dropping while working out.

All of this is tied up nearly in the $60 range, making it the perfect budget option for any athletes not looking to break the bank. While there are definitely better sports headphones out here in terms of feature quality, you will be hard-pressed to find one that can match this for quality vs price.

Best Open Back Headphones Under $200

1. Philips Fidelio L2 Over-ear Premium Portable Headphones

This unit is one of my all-time favorite products on the market, and one of the absolute best headphones under $200, for a few reasons. The Fidelio L2 is an elegant pair of Headphones that will be at home in anyone’s listening room, or just as a companion on their travels.

The Fidelio design is one of audio quality above all else. They have striven to make sure you are getting studio-quality sound from a more personal pair of headphones. The unit makes use of 40mm neodymium drivers that can actively respond and change to meet the shifting dynamics of whatever you are listening to. The real magic comes from the vent that has been installed within the speaker. Designed to extenuate the lower and middle frequencies, you will get perhaps the best sound available for this price.

The real magic comes from the design of the unit backing. These are open-back headphones, but Philips has adopted some of the aspects of closed-back design on the grill. By doing this, they allow the air to feed through creating a more ambient immersion, while naturally canceling out the more intrusive noises of the world. This feature is what makes this my favorite unit on the market. It combines the absolute best of both worlds.

The unit uses a fully wired connection, with a small control unit attached to it. This means the sound is always consistent and crystal clear no matter where you are. And universal control is always a nice touch. It comes with a built-in mic as well, allowing you to take phone calls on the go. And, as an added bonus, it comes with a neat carry case as standard.

All of this is available at the $120 price range. Considering the sound quality and features list, this is a fantastic product not to be missed.

2. Panasonic RB-M300B Deep Bass Wireless Bluetooth Immersive Headphones

Finishing off strong, we have an excellent Wireless Open Back pair of headphones that delivers strong audio quality and a sleek design making this a strong contender for the best headphones for less than $200.

The RB-M300B has put a lot of time and effort into sound quality. The small air grills on the casing allow for the benefits of Open Back over the ear headphones, while synchronizing with the two 40mm neodymium drivers to deliver a delicate, yet powerful bass sound.

The unit features a staggering 50-Hour battery life, which is very impressive for a wireless unit at this price. And to keep the ball rolling, it offers 3-Hours of charge for only 15-minutes of charging.

The system has full playback controls on the speakers, with a bass control switch allowing you to engage and disengage the deep bass systems at will. And it has a built-in microphone as well. The wireless connection itself is extremely sturdy. The reviews seem to speak of it favorably, although it definitely is not the best connection out there. But to make up for that, it comes with an optional audio cable attachment.

All of this is complemented by a sleek, ergonomic design that fits neatly on your head. The cushioning is top quality, allowing you to listen for endless hours without any discomfort occurring.

This product sits at the $100 mark. It is a fantastic product for a first-time buyer or someone looking to get that perfect gift.

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