Best Headphones For PSVR – Full Reviews 2023

by Matthew David | Updated: April 13, 2023

The ultimate Virtual Reality (VR) gaming experience is all about immersion, superior sound quality, and convenience. A perfect combination of these three will take you to a whole new virtual world.

The ability to hear from all the direction takes the gaming experience to the next level. I myself am a big gaming fan.

When it comes to VR gaming, I don’t want any disturbance from the noises of the outside world. I just want to concentrate on the game and want to hear voices of the gaming world only.

So, to experience better immersion, I prefer to use headphones that produce excellent sound quality.

The compatibility of the headphones with the VR console also plays an important role. So, if you want to upgrade your PlayStation VR experience then it would be wise to invest in the best headphones for PSVR.

Best Headphones for PSVR – 2020

Now that we have discussed the choosing considerations, it’s time to look at the best headphones for PSVR.

1. HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

When it comes to one of the best headphones for PSVR, the name of HyperX Cloud II is sure to cross my mind. These headphones are compatible with most of the gaming platforms such as

Its audio quality is just mesmerizing. which it generates from the 53 mm neodymium drivers. The drivers work excellently across the frequency range of 15-25 KHz. Additionally, the headphone has got 7.1 surround sound feature which offers a life-like gaming experience. With these headphones on, I was able to appreciate even the peculiar audio details of the game.

Long gaming sessions are now comfortable using these headphones. The designing of the earcups is such that they house the entire ear creating a comfortable seal. I was even able to feel the soft material on the earcups. The headband applies appropriate pressure on the contact points which prevents the chances of a headache. The soft padding on the headband makes these headphones more comforting.

It is baffling when I have to repeat myself again and again, during a gaming session, due to the low-quality of the microphone. But, these headphones have got TeamSpeak certified microphone. This professional-grade mic cancels any type of voice distortion. The audible echoes along with background noises are almost negligible in these headphones.

With a lot of positive, the headphones have some negative too. Firstly, I don’t like the flimsy carrying case of these headphones. The company could make it better which will add some luxurious look to the headphones. Other than this, the headphone cord is non-detachable that can affect its portability.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

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2. Plantronics RIG 4VR

Panasonic is a renowned name in the headset industry. With their years of experience in the marketplace, they are now able to develop competitive PS VR headphones. The RIG 4VR is a perfect combination of decent features along with an affordable price.

The 40 mm audio drivers of the headphones provide a superb immersive experience. The audio directional capability of the headphone is also good even though it is stereo-type in nature. The frequency range is around 20-20 KHz with suitable noise isolation through thickly puffed earcups.

I am a die-hard gaming lover and usually play long gaming sessions. This is the reason why the comfort of headphones is my priority. This headphone has large comfortable over-ear earcups suitable for long gaming sessions. The only problem I faced that it felt a little bit bulky when I used it for long hours. Talking about the headband, it is also ergonomically perfect. It provides soft as well as secure fit taking care of the end-user comfort.

The microphone is not detachable, but you can move the noise-canceling boom upwards when not in use. In an upward position, the mic automatically mutes. On moving it downward in front of your mouth, it starts working.

There are a lot of positive features of these headphones, but there are some negatives too. The headphone lacks the surround sound feature. This puts it at a competitive disadvantage when comparing it with some other headphones of the list. The bulky feel is another negative point of the headphone.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

3. Bionik BNK-9007 Mantis Attachable VR Headphones

Next on our list of best headphones for PSVR is Bionik Mantis. This headphone is specifically built for PlayStation VR, so you will not face any type of compatibility issue.

When I first saw these headphones, its unique design impressed me. They are specifically designed in such a way that it conforms to the design of the VR headset. While playing using the VR headset, head movement is a must. In such a case, a headphone that does not move from its place while playing is a must-needed feature. Well, these headphones have taken care of the stability by adding clip-on pieces. These pieces get attached to the VR headset and lock the headphones in place.

Most of the PSVR headphones are bulkier which creates a problem in long hour usage. These headphones are lightweight as well as have got a minimalist design. This allows the user to make use of these headphones comfortably for long gaming sessions. Due to the on-ear setup, the weight may be less, but you have to make some compromise in the noise isolation section. You may face some problems while playing in a noisy environment.

It is very frustrating for me that I have to waste my time untangling the cords instead of playing. I don’t face such a problem with these headphones. They have got dust-proof and tangle-free cables.

Now, let’s take into consideration some of the drawbacks of the Bionik Mantis. I found two major issues with these headphones. Firstly, there is no microphone available on these headphones. If I want to play a multiplayer game then I can’t communicate with my companions. Secondly, I am disappointed with the audio drivers of the headphones. The immersive touch is missing as the audio drivers are not up to mark.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

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4. Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

Do you want a good mix of practicality and comfort at a reasonable price? Then, this Stealth headphone is the one for you. I hate when I have to do constant battery management while playing. These headphones give an amazing battery backup of 30 hours, once it is fully charged. In addition to this, it has got the option for cable connectivity with my virtual reality system which makes it more battery efficient.

With my old headphones, my gaming partner always used to complain about the disturbing noise coming from outside my house. But, these headphones have got a noise-canceling microphone. This eliminates unwanted disturbing background noises which results in a better gaming experience. Additionally, the microphone is detachable. This allows me to detach it when there is no need for online communication. It also results in some reduction in the bulk of headphones.

The stealth 350VR comes with 50mm audio drivers. This provides immersive audio quality along with accurate and crisp highs and lows. It even makes the power-pack moments of the game even more amazing with its loud bass. The frequency range is around 20-20 KHz.

Before finalizing, you should consider one of the drawbacks of this headphone. The surround sound feature is missing in this headphone. So, you may experience a lack of audio directionality while playing. The heavyweight of 17.6 ounces makes it one of the heaviest headphones on the list.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

5. Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

The Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headphones is fully-loaded with gamer-friendly features that every gamer will appreciate. The comfort is specially taken care of. There are earcups with soft padding and enough space for the ears to fit in. Too much pressure will not there on the ears due to soft padding of the earcups. The earcups material is also breathable which prevents sweat build-up. The headband comes with minimalist design. The only problem with the band is the lack of padding on it. If you are a gamer who needs less bulky headphones, then this headphone will suit your need. But, for that, you have to make some compromise in the extra padding department.

I’ll give these headphones full marks when it comes to an immersive experience. Thanks to the 7.1 surround sound feature that the audio delivery is simply amazing. When I was playing the game, I was able to hear every detail of the audio directionality.

If we talk about the compatibility, then these headphones are compatible with PlayStation VR as well as mobile devices. You can attach the headphones using the 3.5 mm jack to any of these devices. But, if you want wireless connectivity then that will not be possible due to lack of Bluetooth connectivity. If anything is wireless in these headphones then that will be the wireless adapter.

Now, let’s consider the drawbacks. I felt weakness in the bass in comparison with other headphones. I even felt some need to improve the padding for better comfort.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

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6. SteelSeries Arctis 3

Are you looking for budget-friendly PlayStation VR headphones? Then, these SteelSeries Arctis 3 headphones are one of the best gaming solutions out there. The headphones are compatible with various devices, thanks to its 3.5 mm jack. If you want to connect these headphones to your mobile then you can even use Bluetooth connectivity option too.

When it comes to audio detailing, I would say that these headphones are off the chart. The audio quality is so good that it can compete with higher budget segment headphones too. Its S1 audio speakers deliver mesmerizing sound across the frequency range of around 20-22 KHz.

The headphones come equipped with a noise-canceling microphone. It means that you can enjoy communicating with your companion without any annoying background disturbance. The microphone even does a good job of audio enhancement. It delivers crystal clear voice to your gaming partner.

Long hours of gaming require comfortable headphones. These headphones pass this department as it has got advanced comfort ergonomics. While VR gaming, movement is bound to happen which may move the headphones from its place. Well, this is not the case with these headphones. It has got Ski Google suspension headband which provides a secure fit. Even the headband does not exert much pressure on a particular point. There is a distribution of pressure points across the whole head which does not give you any headache during long hours of gaming. The soft padding of AirWeave cushions guards the earcups. It provides a comforting experience by not exert much pressure. The headphones come with intuitive earcup controls too that helps in audio altering.

In the negative section, I felt that it is troublesome to adjust the audio profile in accordance with the game you are playing.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

7. 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones

It is unusual to go for an earphone instead of headphones for PSVR gaming. But, if you are thinking to replace your bulky gaming headphones then these earphones will work for you.

The earphones have got a 3.5 mm audio jack that makes it compatible with the VR headset. As the name suggests, 1More earphones have got triple drivers. There are separate drivers to produce mids, highs, and bass. Due to this, I felt no audio bleeding and experienced crystal-clear sound. If you have any second thoughts about the audio quality then let me clear your doubt. The driver tuning of the earphones is in the hands of Luca Bernard who is an award-winning sound engineer.

The feature that I liked the most is its intelligent touch control technology. This technology allows you to make alterations to the audio while gaming. You can easily take calls, make alterations to volume, and even select songs using the control. The good thing is that you can do all this without taking the earphone off your head.

For achieving perfect fit you can choose from 6 and 3 sets of silicone and foam eartips respectively. Always remember that a perfect fit will result in better noise isolation. Talking about drawbacks, the surround sound feature is not there which hampers gaming experience.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

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8. PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

The PlayStation Platinum wireless headphones are the cool looking premium-quality gaming headphones. They have got a 7.1 virtual surround sound feature. This means you’ll get an immersive experience with perfect audio directionality.

The 3.5 mm audio jack makes it capable to connect to various devices including PSVR headset. For better audio, you can download the PlayStation companion app and choose between various audio modes.

You don’t have to worry about sitting in a noise-free environment while playing. These headphones come with a microphone which has got a noise-canceling feature. There is an implementation of a dual microphone which means enhanced voice pickup.

For comfortable long hours of playing, you’ll need these lightweight headphones. You’ll not even feel the tightness of earcups due to the usage of soft premium material. The adjustable headband even makes it possible to adjust the fit as per comfort. The headband’s underside has some soft padding but I felt that it is not adequate enough. The layer of soft padding on the headband is not that thick and hence, some users may find it uncomfortable.

If we consider the drawbacks then I felt that some of the plastic parts are very fragile. Even, I can’t say that the surround sound is of premium quality. I have experienced better surround sound in other high-end VR headphones.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

9. Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset By EPOS

The 3.5mm cable Sennheiser headphones are one of the most renowned names when it comes to PSVR gaming. The earcups are large in size which makes it conform to the shape of the ears. The thick padding on earcups and headband is really very soft and comforting. I played a continuous 4-hour gaming session using these headphones. I didn’t even felt slightest of pressure on my head.

The microphone comes with a noise-canceling feature that provides clarity in audio communication. When I was playing using this headphone, some construction work was going on outside my house. My gaming partner didn’t even felt a slightest of disturbance in my audio at that time. So, I must say, the noise-canceling system of mic works pretty well. The rotational mic boom allows you to move the microphone upward and mute it.

The headphones lack surround sound feature. But, still, you can enjoy the power-packed moments of the game with its strong bass. The audio detailing is pretty good across the frequency range of 15-28,000 Hz.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

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10. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset

Do you want multi-platform compatible gaming headphones? Well, SteelSeries Arctis 7 headphones will get the job done for you. It can connect to several gaming consoles, PC, as well as VR.

Audio directionality is important to ensure that from which direction the danger is coming. For perfect audio directionality, your headphone ought to have surround sound feature. These SteelSeries headphones have got a 7.1 surround sound. Additionally, you can enjoy every detail of sound using this headphone. It flaunts S1 audio drivers which make the sound experience life-like.

Clarity in communication is essential when you are playing a team game. Perfect coordination is also necessary while playing in an online environment. You can achieve perfect coordination only if you communicate continuously with your companions. The Clearcast mic attached to the SteelSeries headphone can make it possible. It is a studio-quality microphone that offers good noise isolation. Hence, you can communicate in your gaming session without any outside disturbance.

The wireless connectivity option makes gaming more convenient. Now, you can move freely by connecting these wireless headphones to the VR headset. The battery life is also pretty amazing with a support of 24 hours, once the Li-ion battery is fully charged. The headphones make use of 2.4GHz connection along with auto-channel hoping technology. This means you can enjoy lag-free connectivity within a range of 40 feet.

The headphones do not move from its position and provide a secure fit because of the Ski Google suspension band. You don’t even have to take breaks in between the game due to sweat build-up. The headphones have got Airwave cushions that come with a breathable design and provide long-lasting comfort.

On the negative side, the price of these headphones is too high. These are the most expensive headphones on the list.

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

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You have to dig for a lot of information before buying the best PSVR headphones. These headphones are not like the usual headphones. These have a different shape that enables it to combine conveniently with the VR console. When I went to buy my first set of PSVR headphones, I didn’t know which one to pick. It was really confusing as there was a variety of them out there. Many questions were popping up in my mind that made the decision-making process very difficult:

To answer all these questions, I have prepared a buying guide for you. So now, you will not face any difficulty in buying your best headphones for PSVR.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Headphones For PSVR

There are several factors that one should consider before buying the PlayStation VR headphones. Nowadays, there are headphones that are specifically compatible with PSVR. The headphones with USB port connectivity won’t work here. You’ll need headphones with 3.5 mm jack so that you can plug it in the PlayStation processor unit. There are various other things that one should keep in mind to fully enjoy the experience of the virtual world.

1. 3D Audio Surround

The 3D sound, also known as Binaural audio, is a unique type of sound recording. In this, the sound generates by considering the working of the human head. It emulates the processing of the sound by the human brain.

To understand the concept of 3D audio, we first have to understand the anatomy of sound processing in our head. The sound does not enter both our ears at the same time; it enters at different times. Let’s take the example of a car horn. When the horn honks, the left ear receives the sound first. After a few microseconds, the sound of honk reaches the right ear. This is the reason why the sound would be louder in one ear in comparison with the other.

This was just the basic; the real thing is a bit complex. The reflection of sound also has an important role to play on how different frequencies debilitate. The attenuation of frequencies depends on factors like:

The brain makes the decision regarding the direction of the sound by gathering and processing information such as:

Considering the principle of sound processing capability of the brain, the scientists at AT&T Bell laboratories made a breakthrough. They were successful in developing a sound recording method that emulates human sound processing capability.

Thanks to this breakthrough that the generation of 3D sound is possible. The binaural audio generates by making some changes in the stereo stream. The tweaks made to the sound stream allow the brain to interpret the specific direction from which the sound is coming.

Using the ideal headphones ensures that the correct ear receives the binaural audio without any audio bleeding. The distance of speakers affects the 3D sound quality. Hence, for immerse binaural audio experience while gaming; the requirement of best PS VR headphones is necessary.

2. Which One Is Right For PSVR, Headphone Versus Earphone/Earbuds?

Whenever it comes to buying an audio device, the first question that crosses the mind is whether to go for the headphones or earbuds. It is right that earphones are lighter and convenient. They even deliver decent sound quality and shine in various other departments. But, PSVR is not the right place to shine for them. The simple reason is that the sound quality of the earbuds does not match with the awesome sound clarity of the headphones. The sound quality mainly depends on the size of drivers. Bigger the sound drivers, better the sound quality. Headphones generally have bigger drivers than earphones, thus providing a better sound experience.

The other thing that supports the use of headphones than earbuds is the sound injection system. In the case of earbuds, they inject sound directly to the ears. On the other hand, headphones do not deliver sound directly to the ears. They inject the sound around the ears that results in psychoacoustic environment effects. Such an effect makes the VR experience more realistic.

There are different preferences of the users too. There are some who do not like the feel of heavy headphones. They find the earbuds more breathable and open.

So, in the end, it’s all about your preference. If you are ok with a little bit loss of audio quality, then earbuds will work for you. But, for the sound quality without any audio bleeding, headphones will be the best.

3. Which One Is Better, Over-Ear Versus On-Ear?

There is not a major difference between them both. There are several headphone companies that offer both, on-ear as well as over-ear, versions of the same headphone model. However, a difference came to my notice. The over-ear headphones are bigger in size and hence create a proper seal on the ears. They conform to the size of the ears. Hence, they block more outside disturbance In comparison to the on-ear headphones. So, my recommendation is to go for the over-ear headphones.

4. Does It Make A Difference If You Choose Wireless Or Wired Headphones?

In most of the situations, people like to go for wireless headphones. The reason is convenience and freedom in movement. But, when it comes to PlayStation VR, you can enjoy the full 3D audio experience by plugging in the wired headphones to the virtual reality console. There is an option to connect wireless headphones too. But, the wireless will give more of a stereotype experience rather than 3D audio.

Headphone brands are now offering wireless headphones with an additional option of wire. So, you now can plug in the 3.5 mm jack to the headphones and connect to the PSVR headset. This will enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Additional Things To Consider

1. Audio Quality

Audio quality is the major point to consider while buying PSVR headphones. It is the audio quality that will take you to the whole new virtual world. But, we can’t say anything about the audio quality just by looking at the headphones. The audio sampling is necessary. However, here are some of the noteworthy points that you can check by looking at the packaging:

Frequency Response: If we look at the normal hearing range of humans then it is between 20-20 KHz. This is the minimum audio range you should at least expect from your headphones. For enjoying the strong bass, go for a powerful headphone.

Noise Isolation: To enjoy your game to the fullest, always go for the headphones that offer noise isolation. You’ll never want to ruin your gameplay because of disturbing outside noise. The passive noise isolation headphone has thick padded foam on the earcups. The foam restricts the outside unwanted noise to get inside the ears. There are active noise cancellation technology headphones too. These headphones cancel the outside low-frequency noise by sending inverse sound waves. They work really well to block the external disturbing noises and allow you to focus on your game.

Surround Sound: For a great immersive experience, you should choose a headphone that offers surround sound. This allows you to understand the directionality of sound. You’ll be able to feel that from which direction the sound is coming. You’ll be able to feel the direction of potential danger in the game which will improve your gameplay.

2. Durableness

Durability is a strong point to consider if you want your headphones to pass the test of time. Always look at the packaging and check the material which the company uses to manufacture the headphones? Do not go for cheap material and always choose tough plastic for excellent durability.

Looking at the warranty may also help you to analyze the product’s durability. The warranty deal gives you an idea about how much faith does the company has on its product. Choose the headphone whose warranty deal covers the most types of damages and offer multiple years of warranty.

We can’t make a judgment about the headphone’s material just by looking at the package. So, for a better idea, check the customer reviews of the product. The users who are already using the product usually mention the durability issues in the review section. So, it is worth taking a look at that.

3. Comfort Level

Do you want to take the joy of long gaming sessions without any ear pain or headache? Then you need to consider the comfort level that headphones provide. For that, you have to consider the following points:

Headband Comfort: One should choose the headband which is adjustable. The adjusting option will allow you to get a perfect fit. This will make sure that your headphones do not get loose while you move your head while playing. The soft padding on the headband also adds to the comfort level. Make sure that the headband is not too tight that you get a headache.

Earcups Comfort: Most of the PSVR headphones come with the over-ear fit. So, make sure they conform to the shape of your ear and provide sufficient space. Soft padding is necessary to avoid ear pain. Additionally, the earcups must have breathable material. This will tackle the problem of heat and moisture ventilation.

Weight: You can comfortably use the headphones for longer hours if they are light in weight. So, always try to choose the ones with the least weight possible.

4. Quality Of Microphone

The microphone quality is another essential point to consider. It allows you to conveniently communicate with your companions in an online gaming environment. For this, you have to keep in mind the following features:

Noise Isolation: Due to outside noise on your end, sometimes your gaming partner is not able to hear your voice clearly. To prevent such disturbance, choose a noise-canceling mic that allows clear communication.

Mic Boom: You’ll feel improvement in comfort level if your headphone has an ergonomically implemented mic boom. Try not to go for a non-movable boom. Choose the one that allows upward rotation or is easily detachable.

Voice Pickup: Microphone with vocal boosting capability is ideal when you don’t want to raise your voice while communicating. This enables your gaming companion to hear your voice clearly without any need for you to repeat yourself.


Virtual reality gaming is all about immersion. You can achieve perfect immersive experience only when the sound quality is outstanding. Hence, we have discussed all the best headphones for PSVR for you that provide superb sound experience. They create a feeling that you are actually in the game.

But, out of all these headphones, my choice for the best PSVR headphone is HyperX Cloud II. This headphone is a perfect all-rounder:

  1. The headphone is multi-device compatible.
  2. It delivers amazing sound quality using 53 mm neodymium drivers.
  3. The user cannot miss even the smallest sound detailing as it has got 7.1 surround sound.
  4. It is suitable for long gaming sessions as it provides a comfortable fit using soft padding.
  5. No voice distortion is possible due to TeamSpeak certified microphones.

The best thing is that all these features are available at a reasonable price. These headphones have the capability to compete with high-end PSVR headphones. It has got all the features that can make your gaming experience awesome.

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