Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 300

by Matthew David | Updated: July 29, 2020

The pleasure of listening to music on the go is unparalleled. Listening to our favorite song while we walk to work. Pumping some inspirational beats while crushing a morning run. Or sharing a mellow tune with a friend on the bus.

But there is one thing that beats the personal listening experience. And that is the satisfying sound of a quality home speaker system blaring your favorite party tunes or echoing out a soothing morning melody.

Buying a pair of headphones isn’t easy. But when compared to shopping for standing speakers, it’s a breeze. Standing speakers are a bigger investment in terms of both time and money. Not to mention the logistics of setting them up.

To that end, we are here to help! This guide is going to look at our picks for the best floor standing speakers under $300. We will be covering a few different units, all across the price range (So there will be some budget items for first-time shoppers or those looking to save a bit.)

Before we review the products themselves, read through this buyers’ guide. There are a few technical aspects of Tower Speakers than separate them from normal headphones, that you will need to be aware of before you make any purchase.

The Top 4 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $300

1. Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker

Our first selection sits at the midrange price bracket of $170, and for that, you get a fantastic quality product that can meet whatever your musical demands are.

Starting with the speakers, the 60 Series is packing some serious heat. It features a 1-Inch Dynamic Balance Dome Tweeter, to hit the higher frequencies and deliver fantastic vocal quality. This is backed up by 3 separate 5-1/4-Inch Dynamic Balance Woofers, to deliver on the lower, more bass-heavy frequencies. This is an ideal set-up for someone looking to cover all the musical bases.

A nice addition is the Dual 5-Way Binding Posts, which allow for both bi-wiring and bi-amping. So for the more technical audiophiles among us, this is a fantastic addition that lends an extra level of control over your speaker systems.

Polk systems are designed to work alone and as part of a large entertainment system. If you really want to deck out your system, multiple Polk products will work together in perfect harmony. This feature essentially future proofs you in case you want to add more units in the future.

In terms of size, the product sits at 14 x 7 x 37.5 inches, meaning it isn’t small, but will generally fit into most rooms with ease. This is paired with the sleek, polished black casing and elegant, classic design.


One of the downsides we have noted for this product is you won’t get below 40Hz on the frequency range. If you are a hardcore audiophile, this might put you off. If not, this isn’t that big of an issue. There is little information about how well it works with non-Polk products, so be cautious is attempting to integrate it with other brand systems. Also, this listing is for a single unit. If you want 2, you will have to buy 2.

2. Sony SSCS 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

No list of speaker products would be complete without an entry from Sony. The powerhouse of audio quality, sleek design, and reliable, long-lasting tech. The SSCS delivers on all these fronts. And sitting just off the $200 mark, its great value for money.

The speakers on this unit are a powerhouse. Featuring a 3-way 4 speaker setup, the SSCS does not disappoint. There are 2 5-1/4-Inch Foamed-Mic a Cellular Reinforced Woofers backing up by a 1-Inch Polyester Main Tweeter and a 3/4 inches Sony Super Tweeter.

All this means you can cover the complete audio range. High to low frequencies, vocal-heavy or bass focused. Whatever you need, this can cover it. It can reach up to 50kHz if you are a stickler for HD audio. For those more technically interested, the speakers are at 6-ohm impedance.

The double tweeter speakers, backed by Sony’s patent design, creates an unrivaled acoustic sound that will immerse you in whatever you’re watching or listening too. Of course, this product works fantastically with other Sony devices. So if you have a Sony TV, PlayStation or stereo system, this will be perfect. Sony is also known for cross-compatibility, so it should work with most other systems. But you will have to check each brand on a case by case basis.

The dimension of this product sits at 9 1/8 x 36 3/8 x 10 ¼ Inches. Meaning it fits snuggly into most rooms and will fill the space purposefully, without being garish. This is supported by the signature sleek black design Sony is known for.


The downsides to this product are the singular connection ports on the back. You can Bi-amp or Bi-Wire, but not both at the same time. This isn’t an issue for the average user, more for the real audiophiles. Also, it seems unable to go below 45Hz on the frequency range. Also, this listing is for a single unit. If you want 2 units, you will have to order 2.

3. Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker

Yamaha used to be a leader in Audio Products before they fell out of the limelight a bit. But despite their public image vanishing, their dedication to quality audio products has not!

The NS-F210BL is a great unit weighing in at the $150 mark. A quick warning, the image for this product shows two speakers. It only comes with ONE. If you want two-speaker you have to order two.

Now, let’s look at the speakers themselves. This unit is boasting Dual 3-1/8-Inch Cone woofers that make use of high stiffness aluminum to generate quick responses to the music, allowing you to play some of the fastest, most intense tracks and lose none of the audio quality.

It also comes with a 7/8-Inch Balance Dome Tweeter. This ensures you can hit the entire frequency range, from High to Low, and be ready for full HD quality sound. The speakers are sitting at 6 ohms for the impedance, which is fantastic, and the unit can reach up to 45KHz on the frequency scale as well.

The unit’s dimensions are sitting at 9.40 x 9.40 x 41.40 inches, which is a great size. They also look fantastic, designed to match your TV’s look and blend in perfectly to the environment. Also, for those worried about falling speakers, the base is a Heavy-Duty rounded steel base, so it will stand solid.


The downsides to this unit are its inability to go lower than 50Hz on the frequency scale. While it works great with other Yamaha products, there is no guarantee this quality will sustain other branded products.

4. Jamo Studio Series S 807-WL

This unit is fantastic for a few reasons. The biggest being it is a Pair of speakers! A lot of companies force you to buy individual units separately. So finding a duo set is always great.

Sitting at the $200 mark, the S 807-WL is boasting an impressive set of two 5-Inch Polyfiber Woofers backed up by a 1-Inch Soft Dome Tweeter. The tweeter is aimed at reproducing the higher frequencies in this unit, with the Woofers giving a strong balance to make sure it is ready for anything.

The real draw of this product is the style. With fully magnetic front grilles, there are no fiddly screws to deal with. This is paired with the sleek, wooden finish, makes it an art piece as much as a functioning speaker.

The dimensions for this product sit at 45.67 x 31.1 x 11.41 inches, making it stand out, yet still fit snuggly into a room. It also boasts dual connectors, allowing both Bi-Amping and Bi-Wiring. The impedance rate is sitting at 8 Ohms, which is good for what you get.


The downsides to this unit are the speaker quality isn’t as strong as other speakers at the price range. But this is due to the fact you get two speakers instead of one. It plays well with other brands, but there is no guarantee the audio quality will be as good as it can if it does.

Buyers Guide for the Best Floor Standing Speakers

Standing Vs Tower Vs Soundbar

Before you do anything, you need to be aware of what product you want to buy! This might sound silly, but it is very easy to confuse Standing Speakers with both Floor Speakers and Soundbars.

A Standing Speaker, like a Tower, is designed to rest upright on a flat surface. The main difference is a standing speaker should always be on the ground, while a tower will often rest on a bookcase or TV stand. The reason for this is that Floor Standing Speakers are designed to produce more impact using their stronger drivers. The power behind them covers all the frequencies and creates a strong, crisp sound that can move around an entire room. Tower Speakers, while still producing great quality, are designed to target a specific point in a room, such as the couch in front of the TV. If you are looking for something smaller we have a guide for the best tower speakers.

Soundbars are stout and wide. They are designed to recreate fantastic sprawling acoustics and be more portable and stylish. These are their biggest advantages. They often have better subwoofers as well than other speaker types, which can be a huge plus for some people. If you want to find a soundbar instead, take a look at this guide to find the best soundbar with  subwoofer to meet your needs.


This is a simple bit of information that is often overlooked. You need to make sure you know exactly where the Standing Speaker is going to be placed and how much space it will have in that spot, both width and height wise. There is nothing worse than buying a new speaker and having to send it back the day it arrives.


It’s all too easy to think you can just plug in your speaker and everything will be fine. Wattage is important. The higher the wattage of a speaker, the stronger the speakers. This produces higher quality audio. But you want to be careful. Some wiring systems might not be able to handle the increased wattage or even provide enough power. Generally, you should be fine, but if in doubt, check with an electrician first.

Drivers and Speakers

This is important. Everyone’s music taste is different. And some speakers are specialized to meet different tastes, such as a focus on bass or improved vocal acoustics. Before you buy, really think about what aspects of your music are important to you. Once you know it will make your shopping easier as you can cut through the excess and home in on a speaker that will meet your demands.


Firstly, you should always shop within your means. Going out and breaking the bank isn’t always the best idea. To that end, set yourself a budget and stick to it.

But, when considering your budget, take into account that, unlike a pair of headphones, a floor-standing speaker is meant to be used for many years. You want a unit that is reliable and consistent. Otherwise, you might end up paying more in repairs and replacements. Longevity is a virtue when it comes to Floor Standing Speakers.

Subwoofers and Surround Sound

One of the biggest advantages these speakers have over normal headphones is the ability to have Subwoofers or Surround Sound functionality. These features are not a necessity and fall into the extras category. If you are a movie buff who wants to recreate that cinema experience, spring for surround sound. If you want a jumping, bass sound; subwoofers all the way! If you want both, you could follow my example and set up a surround sound system inside and deck out your car doors with bass pumping subwoofers. I’ve listed my favorite options for this in my guide for the best car door speakers for bass.

Bi-Wiring and Bi-Amping

This is a term you might see pop up a fair bit in relation to Floor Speakers. Essentially it relates to how you connect the speaker to the amp or audio system you will be using.

Bi-Wiring is the more common method. It is used when there is a single output amp to connect to. This method generally chances the impedance, so if that is a priority for you, this could be the one to use.

Bi-Amping makes use of two channels of amplification, which is great for speakers that use different driver types, such as a woofer and tweeter dome on the same system. It is also great for a more bass focused sound or the lower registers.

The difference between the two isn’t drastic. Consult with an expert when you are hooking up or deciding what format will work best for your products and setup.

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