7 Best Door Speakers for Bass

by Matthew David | Last Updated: June 21, 2020

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Who would settle for an inferior audio experience? No one, I suppose. Especially not in your ride. Everybody would love to blast their music in their car. For such an experience, a set of new door speakers for bass speakers should do.

As you build the ideal car sound system, finding the perfect speakers can be overwhelming. Maybe you need to enhance your custom-built stereo set. Or, perhaps, you just need a simple upgrade to your existing cay sound system.

Either way, there are ideal speaker options for you. Read on through our seven best door speakers for bass.

1. Focal EC 165K Car Speakers – Best Door Speaker for Bass

Are you after door speakers with stunning design? Well, look no further. The Focal EC 165k car speakers are ideal for you.

Their design, to begin with, is nothing short of meticulous. The speakers undergo thorough and repetitive testing of perfection. As a result, they deliver impressive depth and full range dynamics in your music.

More importantly, they come with signature inverted dome tweeters. They feature aramid fiber and have a higher level elevation. All these features add to the speaker’s accuracy and excellent sound delivery.

Equally important, the tweeters also include a TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) rubber sound. By this, they get rid of any cone deformation. Thus, they deliver the cleanest midrange possible.

Other than that, the tweeters also stabilize the surrounding dynamic behavior by resonance.

To enhance their sound quality even further, they include classic woofers. The 6-1/2″ woofers feature the Focal’s sandwich cone definitive “W” design.

As such, it ensures the perfect maximization of the frequency response curve. Also, these woofers are essential in adding precision to your audio.

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2. Alpine SPR-60 Type R Speakers

The Alpine SPR-60 is rather costly. Fortunately, these door speakers for bass are worth the money. Their design makes them ideal for people who love loud music.

In all honesty, the Alpine door speakers are quite impressive. They have a power handling of 100 watts RMS. So, you can use them alongside a 110 watt or so amp. Through this, you will surely experience their full potential.

Otherwise, for people who care less about loudness, the speakers are ideal for the head unit. Even by themselves, you can notice their crispness, clarity, and brightness.

The speaker’s features make them better than average. Hence, if your car features an exceptional audio system, these speakers offer a fantastic upgrade.

The speakers are 6.5″ in size. However, they can also fit 6.75″ openings. Their multi-layer hybrid fiber woofer is instrumental in assuring a decent bass response.

They also include silk tweeters. By this, the SPR-60 delivers very bright and smooth highs. You may now even hear some details you’ve been missing before.

Right in front of the tweeters, Alpine integrates an EQ ring. The ring diffuses the highs for the new sound stage.

Besides, it’s possible to swivel the tweeters. Thus, you can focus the sound at your position.

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3. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Speakers – Best Quality

These door speakers are ideal for people after brand name and quality. Without straining your wallet, these speakers deliver the renown Rockford Fosgate sound quality.

Remarkably, the R165X3 6.5″ has excellent high and mid-range frequency response. Thanks to its stiff polypropylene woofer cone.

Also, it features a super piezo tweeter and a silk dome tweeter as well. With these, it ensures crisp sound delivery.

Then again, the New Rockford Fosgate includes four 6.5″ speakers. They come with a peak power of 90 watts. Apart from that, these speakers also include a power range of 45 watts RMS.

The Rockford Fosgate speaker then has a concealed crossover. Not only does it improve the speakers’ look but also feel to its design.

They don’t have a vast power range, unlike other options from the list. However, don’t discount them.

These door speakers deliver outstanding sound quality. For this reason, these speakers are an ideal choice, no matter what your expectations are.

They are excellent replacements for your car’s original factory speakers. Alternatively, they are a perfect addition to your custom-built speaker system.

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4. Polk Audio DB6501 Speakers – Best frequency response

It’s almost impossible to talk about the loudspeaker industry without bringing up Polk Audio.

Over the decades, this brand has been delivering excellent sounding speakers. Their speakers balance on value, build quality and performance as well.

With such a commendable legacy, their products are among the best. In all honesty, the same goes for their DB series door speaker.

The DB6501 speaker produces brilliant sound quality for the price. Other than that, they display careful engineering.

Besides, these speakers appear to be pricier than they are. Thanks to its ABS wheel design grilles and stainless-steel mounting.

On top of that, they are perfect two-way component door speakers. Their design makes them the ideal replacement for your original car speakers.

They come with 6.5″ woofers alongside 1″ silk composite dome tweeters. Also, they have a frequency response of between 35 and 23 kHz. The speakers have a 92-dB sensitivity to boot.

With such features, the Polk Audio door speakers offer absolute power and range. Talking of power, they can handle up to 100 watts RMS.

The speakers boast of decent highs and mids. They also have an excellent bass response. However, to bolster the bass, add a subwoofer to the mix.

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5. Pioneer TS-A6990F Speakers – Best Built Door Speaker

The Pioneer TS-A6990F is a set of 5-way coaxial door speakers. Each of the speakers comes with an RMS power of 60 watts. In other words, 120 watts per pair.

Further, the pair of speakers has a peak power of 700 wats. Their frequency response, on the contrary, ranges from 22 to 25000Hz. Concerning their impedance, the TS-A6990F has 4 ohms.

Nevertheless, the package doesn’t include its grills. Therefore, you will have to acquire the grilles separately.

Sincerely speaking, these Pioneer door speakers are an ideal pick. They make an excellent set for upgrading your car’s default speakers.

They also feature dual dome tweeters for crisp high frequencies. With these, their treble and midrange are nothing short of smooth and revealing.

The speaker’s bass as well is remarkable. It enhances the low-frequencies to produce a sizeable deep bass. By this, it generally bolsters your music experience.

What’s more, these Pioneer speakers include an IMPP cone construction. Besides that, they also have a sensitivity response of 90dB and a 4-ohms impedance. With its great features, this door speakers’ price is reasonable.

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6. Kicker DSC650 Speakers

Kicker has a renowned legacy of delivering inexpensive but quality speakers. Their DS series door speakers are no exception.

It is a 2-way coaxial set with 6.5″ door speakers. Luckily enough, the DSC650 delivers more for its price.

Generally, they have clear sound with a crisp bass. Other than that, these door speakers boast of excellent midrange and treble as well.

More importantly, the DSC650 uses robust polyester foam surrounds. If you are not into giant booming trunk subwoofers, they make an ideal pick for you.

Equally important, these door speakers include ½” top-balance dome tweeters. Even during heavy tracks, the tweeters are practical in belting out high frequencies. As a result, they deliver an ambiance and energy vibe to music.

The DCS650 can also handle a lot of power. They are also quite loud as they can put out as much as 240 watts.

How they handle the bass depends on how you set them up. The speakers include necessary splice connectors to facilitate stress-free mounting.

These door speakers can be an excellent upgrade for your ride’s sound system. They surpass most expectations for other door speakers within their price range.

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7. JBL GT7-6C Speakers – Best budget

Do you want a speaker with quality materials, attractive design, and an affordable price tag? Well, the JBL GT7-6C has it all.

Firstly, you can’t fail to notice the speaker’s striking appearance. Like other JBL speaker counterparts, it also has a wide surface area. Through this, this door speaker can deliver impressive bass.

Secondly, its dome tweeters feature an edge. For this reason, it provides more natural sound to a broad range. With this feature, it ensures clear and crisp vocals.

Thirdly, the speaker’s propylene cones boast of a vast surface area. By increasing low-frequency output and high sensitivity, the speaker delivers more precise sounds.

Talking of frequencies, the JBL GT7-6C speakers have a 21 kHz frequency response. Therefore, they provide terrific sound regardless of the pitch.

Moreover, this speaker includes two external crossovers, two tweeters, and two 6.5″ woofers. It has a peak power of 150 watts and a power handling of 50 watts RMS.

The speakers are by far much better than factory counterparts. Lastly, connect them to an amp, and they’ll still offer astounding performance.

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What to Consider Before Buying Door Speakers for Bass

1. Crossover

The crossover is the one that determines where to send each frequency. If your speaker lacks one, it tends to mix all the signals. As a result, it delivers poor performance. Thus, for an excellent audio experience, ensure your door speaker has a great crossover.

Now, the crossovers are available in two types: active and passive. Passive crossovers divert the frequencies correctly without any extra power. Active crossovers need not only ground connection but also additional power from an amp.

However, active crossovers deliver more fine-tuning and flexibility in your music. When looking for an active crossover, ensure it includes an equalizer. By this, you can tweak the sound just how you like it.

For passive crossovers, here are two options you can consider: In-line and component crossovers.

In-line crossovers save you energy and time for setting up the system. The reason being, they are already connected to the amp. Nonetheless, they are not as flexible as the component counterparts.

Component crossovers, on the contrary, reroute signals from the amp. Usually, they come already set to their optimal settings. But if need be, you can tweak them.

2. Woofers

A woofer system is ideal for receiving low sound frequencies. That is where the bass originates.

For a woofer cone, go for one that features both lightweight and stiff material. Some of the best materials for the woofer is polypropylene.

An excellent woofer cone should handle extreme moisture and temperatures. Remember, as the year progresses, your car will sometimes get very cold or very hot. To avoid incurring future expenses, invest in a robust speaker system.

3. Tweeters

Other than the woofers, consider the tweeters. These deliver crisp and clear high frequencies. To achieve perfect sound, look for tweeters that feature a poly textile or silk blend.

With such soft material, they produce a superior and smooth sound. Nonetheless, those who like a snappier and brighter sound should consider a sturdier material. In the end, it narrows down to individual preference.

Besides, the material, your tweeters placement also matters. Sometimes you may have the frequencies right but not like the sound.

In such a case, you most probably have the tweeter placement wrong. For top-notch sound, place your tweeters at ear level.

Finally, when it comes to door speakers, keep in mind, there is flexibility. You can either replace them with the original factory car speakers. Or, you can integrate them into a fuller system and still enjoy their enhancement.

For instance, let’s say you buy a mid-level bass car speaker. To achieve the full bass effect, you can just pair them with a subwoofer. Adding an amp will also add more power to the sound.

In the end, ideal door speakers improve your sound experience. It’s now entirely up to you to decide how the speakers achieve that.

4. Power-handling

Power handling is the amount of power your car speakers can handle. Low power systems handle low energy and vice versa.

Other systems, on the contrary, have external amps. As a result, it requires powerful speakers to handle the amps output power.

The maximum RMS is your speakers’ power handling. However, note that this is not the same as peak power handling. A system with a 5-50 watts RMS rating is a better match for a low-power stereo.

5. Budget

Before buying anything, it’s always essential to ensure its price lies within your budget. This principle applies to all products, including door speakers.

Generally, better products always cost more than others. Car speakers are no different. The ones with the best bass and sound quality are quite pricey.

In most cases, before buying anything, we follow a strict budget. Therefore, always go for the most suitable door speakers within your budget. In other words, look at the specs of different products and weigh them to your preference.

6. Speaker Sensitivity

Sensitivity is how good a speaker delivers sound at a specific measure of power. It’s no secret that most original car door speakers are low-powered.

A low-power car stereo, e.g., 10-20 watts RMS, would work best with high-sensitivity range speakers. That includes 90 or more Decibels. On the contrary, high power systems require speakers with lower sensitivity ratings.

Both external amps and aftermarket stereo systems also require speakers with lower sensitivity. After powering them correctly, be sure to get excellent surround sound.

7. Car Speaker Size and Configuration

One more door speaker factor to consider before a purchase is the size. In the market, you’ll find some speaker models to be somewhat more significant than others. Thus, it’s important to note that different speakers fit different cars.

Before acquiring new speakers, first, measure the area of your original car speakers. Besides, knowing the configurations of the existing units is vital as well. Through this, placing and configuring the new door speakers would be stress-free.

8. Quality

The fact is, the door speakers are always inside your car. Nonetheless, they will always be subject to changing temperatures.

The materials making different components will, therefore, have an impact on their quality and sound.

The surround always determines the longevity and performance of your speakers. The most popular and robust material for surrounds is rubber.

Apart from extreme temperature, it also protects your speakers from humidity.

Other materials include foam and cloth to boot. They are somewhat cheaper but should also do the job.

A woofer cone should feature a material that is stiff and lightweight. In most cases, the speakers come with polypropylene. Or, sometimes, they use synthetics with an aluminum or titanium coat.

For tweeters, the material is a matter of personal preference. The reason being, diverse materials produce varying sounds.

Silk, for instance, provides a smoother sound, whereas ceramic and graphite tend to produce better high sounds.

9. Sensitivity

Speaker sensitivity is a vital factor to consider. We measure sensitivity in decibels.

Always go for a door speaker with high sensitivity. In other words, a door speaker with at least 90 dB is excellent for a low power car audio system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a car audio amp?

Well, it’s not entirely necessary. However, a car audio amp will significantly enhance the sound quality and experience in your vehicle.

Will better door speakers enhance the sound of my radio?

Unfortunately, not. There are no car speakers, not even the best that can do so. The reason being, the speakers won’t affect the FM radio signals.

Nonetheless, you’ll realize that the signal quality varies as you drive, especially in urban surroundings.

How many door speakers do I need?

The number of speakers you need depends on the size of your car and your budget. Even so, most door speaker systems feature 2 or 4 speakers.

On top of that, it also depends on the speaker’s position and power.

Do door speakers with high sensitivity ratings produce better sound?

The sensitivity rating cannot tell you how good a door speaker will sound. Instead, this rating displays the efficiency of your speakers in converting the power into sound volume.

What is the best door speaker size for cars?

Since cars come in varying sizes, so do the door speakers. Most speakers are 6.5 inches, while others are 6 x 9 inches.

Subwoofers as well feature a usual size of 8-15 inches. Most tweeters, on the contrary, vary between 1 and 2 inches.

Do aftermarket speakers match well with the car’s factory stereo?

In most cases, yes. Nevertheless, for the best results, link your car door speakers to an external amp.

Alternatively, for component type speakers, connect them to at least an aftermarket receiver.

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As a bass lover, there are numerous solutions to your problem. Even so, finding the one ideal door speaker can be quite strenuous.

Through this review, we present to you a few worth-it door speaker suggestions. By now, we believe you are all set to purchase the best door speakers for bass.

Our top pick is the Alpine SPR-60 Type R door speakers. They boast of excellent power handling. Then again, they include silk tweeters for ensuring bright highs.

The speakers also include a multi later fiber woofer. By this, they enhance the bass response.