Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers 2023

by Matthew David | Updated: April 18, 2023

Travelling for long distances out in the open road is not easy due to the never-ending long journey. Sometimes it can be tedious and listening to music to keep you entertained is all you need. The other issue is the noise from moving trucks and vehicles along the way.

While all drivers are different, the best bluetooth headset for truckers are something that most of them need as they function like a companion app. You need a headset with excellent audio quality and noise-cancelling technology. In this post, we will ensure that you enjoy your journey by recommending some trucker headsets.

How to choose the best Bluetooth for truck drivers

Spending your time on the road means that you will have to endure endless noise from your truck and other moving cars. It would be great if you considered certain factors before selecting a Bluetooth headset. Here are some factors that will help you choose the best headsets for truck drivers.

1. Battery life

As a truck driver, you might spend many hours driving. If you are looking for one to keep you entertained and focused, they should have long battery life. Consider checking this specification on the product description. You might also want to check the talk time. It should be at least over 6 hours or more.

2. Comfort

You might enjoy the audio quality and everything about headsets for truckers. However, if it isn’t comfortable, you won’t wear it for a long time. That’s why a set with a lightweight and fitting ear cushion could be the best one for you.

3. Warranty offers

They have varying warranty offers. Some have an offer of 24 months or more while others offer a warranty of less than a year. Being a truck driver means that you will be moving from one place to another and might not have time to repair damaged ones.

It would be great if you were looking for one that has a warranty for more than a year. There are headset companies that offer a guarantee of two years and replacement. Make sure you check their terms before purchasing.

4. Sound clarity

It might be hard to get every detail from audio due to the background noise. However, when you have a headset with the latest noise-canceling technology, be sure to get crisp, clear sounds.

Remember, some headphones cancel ambient noise partially, while some cancel all the background noise completely. This also ensures you have smooth communication when making calls.

5. Voice command feature

The best Bluetooth deadsets for truckers must have a voice command feature to give you a hands-free experience. You won’t need to touch your headset to do some simple tasks. With simple voice commands, you can operate it as you drive. Alexa and Google Now are examples of voice controls you might want to use.

With a voice assistant, you can get you can simply ask the assistant to notify you for answering calls, rejecting calls, and checking battery levels status.

What’s the best headset for truckers?

As a trucker, you need headphones that you can wear for a long time without feeling fatigued or pain in your ears. Below are some recommendations of the best bluetooth headsets for truckers that you can use to listen to music and for talking of course.

1. B250-XTS Trucker Bluetooth Headset

The B250-XTS Trucker Bluetooth Headset is known for its portability, thanks to its lightweight of only 2.52 o.z. This is a comfortable one that you can use for long hours without any issues. With its noise cancellation technology, it can cancel up to 91% noise. This is an excellent voice control system.

This means that it can block almost all the background noise, which enhances your listening experience. With this feature, it’s easy to listen and talk to someone next to you without any interference. Be sure to get a fantastic sound quality thanks to its voice cancellation and Wideband audio. Besides being light in weight, this fits well on your ears.

It has a narrow headband and a sleek design making it suitable to wear. You won’t feel your ear getting squeezed because it’s comfortable to use. You don’t have to use a headset that goes off anytime. I loved this model because its the battery that can go up to 20 hours.

This is an impressive quality of battery life since it has a standby time of 490 hours too. The B250-XTS Trucker Bluetooth Headset has a wireless range of 66 ft, which is somewhat low but better. This headphone also comes with a microphone windscreen and replacement ear cushions as part of its accessories.



2. VXi B450-XT Bluetooth Headset

Here is yet another one you can find pride in using, thanks to its 96% noise cancellation technology. Even when you are in a noisy environment, it’s possible to make calls and hear what the other party says . Most B450 XT Bluetooth headset truck drivers loved this feature since it helped them continue with communication in their busy environment.

Those calling you will also clearly hear you without any interrupting sounds. Another feature that truck drivers loved so much about this model s its loudspeaker and HD voice feature.

The loudspeaker helps you get clear sound quality helping you get the details of everything you are trying to listen to. This headphone will not disappoint you in terms of battery life. It has a standing time of 500 hours, and the battery can last up to 24 hours. With just one charging time, you can talk for one hour each day without the battery running out.

You will love the wireless range of the Blueparrott B450 XT Bluetooth headset since it can go up to 300 ft. For this reason, you can freely talk and roam within such distance. You can move the boom mic in various directions depending on how you need it, thanks to its versatility. Be sure also to get excellent comfort, thanks to the soft material used to make the earpiece.

Did you know that the Blueparrott b450 xt can also offer you commands for several functions? It’s possible to make or reject calls, confirm the battery levels remaining and also play a song.

You can also download the Blue parrot companion app to stream audios, enable walkie-talkie mode, open other apps, and connect to GPS. You don’t have to press the button to use the voice command. You can use voice assistants like Siri.



What is the best noise-cancelling Bluetooth Headset?

Truckers need headsets that cancel the maximum amount of noise. While most headsets for truckers do that just fine, some offer the best when it comes to this. Below are some recommendations.

3. Sennheiser HD 4.40 Wireless Headphones

Here is yet another headphone for truck drivers that does a fantastic job of cancelling external sounds. The Sennheiser HD 4.40 Wireless Headphones are versatile and offer you an opportunity to use them in various ways.

They also offer a decent quality of sound, which you can rarely find on a Bluetooth mono headset. With their excellent EQ, you can customize the audio according to your wish. Besides using them while driving the truck, you can also use them while doing other things since they are versatile.

The only issue is that this Bluetooth earpiece doesn’t have an ANC feature and can’t be an excellent option for commuting. If you are looking for one that cancels most of the noise this could be the best choice. Truck drivers who used the Sennheiser HD 4.40 also liked their wireless nature thanks to their connectivity.

Their ear cups also have mounted controls, which help you answer calls with their built-in mics.



4. Plantronics Voyager 5200

When it comes to Bluetooth headsets for truckers, Plantronics Voyager is the most respected brand. This is another impressive set of headphones that lets you listen to your best music while on the truck.

Be sure to make phone calls with professional-grade sound thanks to its audio quality. This makes it possible to use them in any environment thanks to its Bluetooth technology and versatile connectivity.

You will love the consistency of the excellent quality of both the incoming and outgoing audios. The best thing is that this sound is still very clear, even in a quiet environment.

When callers give you a call, this Voyager headset announces the names of the callers. This helps you decide whether to receive or reject the calls through voice. With the built-in voice commands, you can dictate text messages and get directions accurately.

However, it won’t read text messages. You can use a smartphone app to monitor battery. This is a huge sized one with an aggressive noise cancellation technology.

If there is any buzz from buses and cars, it mutes them without any issue. Due to its size, the Plantronics Voyager also fits on your ear perfectly, which prevents it from falling.



What is the best Headphone for a Truck Driver Who Phones All Day?

As a driver, there might be no time to hold an emergency call with one of your hands and talk to someone. However, a truckers bluetooth headset can be considerable since they help you do that as you hear every detail of the call. Here are some recommendations for the best Bluetooth headset for truckers that you can use in making calls.

5. Mpow Pro trucker Bluetooth Headset

We live in a world where heads sets come with their built-in mics. You don’t need to buy a separate microphone to use alongside with your headphones. Mpow Pro Trucker BlueTooth headset is a piece of fantastic hearing equipment that you can use for hours of talking.

Due to its stable call quality, it might be the best wireless headset for making calls. Besides excellent audio quality for calls, this headset also has other great features. This is one of the headsets for truckers with standard size, something you will find in most call centers.

Mpow pro measures 1.75 inches, with a boom mic of 5,25 inches and an earpiece that measures 1.75 inches. With these measurements, this headset has the looks of a standard earpiece. Being built from soft-touch plastic, and thin metal headband, the Pro trucker headphone looks like most old-school headphones.

These headphones cant bend or loosen due to its sturdy metal band. The Mpow Pro Trucker is comfortable thanks to its lightweight and feel of the airy materials. The moment you receive the box, you ill not even be sure if there’s anything inside it.

For this reason, when you wear it, you won’t feel it weighing down your head, especially when you have long distant calls. This is among the best ones that use to make calls since it gives crisp, clear audio . The built-in feature ensures that you don’t get disturbed with external sound.

The battery life pf Mpow pro trucker is quite decent since it can last for about 12 talk hours and 200 standby time. This wireless headset uses a Bluetooth 2.1 protocol and has about 30 feet frequency range. This is fine if you are using a desk.



6. Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Headset

If you are looking for a headset with similar features like Plantronics, Voyager, the Jabra Supreme is your all-time choice. This is a wireless headphone that uses Bluetooth technology and is fantastic for making phone calls. This headphone is simple but has handy features to meet your needs.

Its main body is written “Active Noise Cancellation.” It also has a professional design colored black and silver. There are no markings on this wireless headset. It’s too easy to store this headset, thanks to the mic arm that folds. The ear hook of this is flexible, which makes it fit on various sizes of the ear.

Be sure to enjoy hands-free call management thanks to voice recognition technology. This is a fantastic feature for truckers that most lack. You can enjoy 6 hours of time to talk with this headset.



7. YAMAY Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

YAMAY is a real game for truck drivers who spend most of their time dealing with sounds from moving vehicles. It’s the actual definition of undisturbed call experiences thanks to its excellent technology.

With the Yamay Headphones, be sure to enjoy endless hours of talking as you hear what your callers are saying. Its sound quality makes it fit our best truckers’ headsets for making calls.

Besides that, you can also use it for several hours without feeling fatigued in your ears. Enjoy 17 hours of time to talk and 200 hours of standby time, thanks to its impressive battery life.

You will love the sleek and stylish design of this headset and feel great wearing them. This is a cost-effective headset with dual connectivity and an excellent Bluetooth range and it allows for USB charging.

The soft earpads and the versatile headband make it comfortable and give you a hands-free experience. You don’t have to divert your attention from the road, not even once.

You only need to charge this headset for 2 hours to be fully charged, and it is compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices. Lastly, this is a lightweight headset making it convenient for drivers.



8. Conambo JBT800 Bluetooth

Here is yet another hands-free wireless headset that you can easily use and enjoy many hours of talk time. The Conambo JBT800 Bluetooth has superior connectivity and has a professional HD grade sound quality.

This is a sizable on-ear headset with an ergonomic design that you can use for many hours without feeling tired. Be sure to enjoy the professional noise-cancelling technology from the microphones of this device. You will no longer be disturbed by sounds emanating from your external environment.

The A2DP feature in this headset also supports playing music with a crystal clear sound quality. The Conambo JBT800 uses Bluetooth 5.0 connection. This makes it easy to pair and also offers a stable transmission. This is a swift connection that links up with all devices that are Bluetooth enabled.

Being a hands-free headset, you won’t have to reach your phone every time you want to receive a call. This is the real deal if you are looking for comfort, thanks to its soft ear pads and adjustable headbands.

When you purchase the Conambo JBT800 headset, you have a 45 money-back guarantee and a warranty of 24 months. This device’s effectiveness ensures that you enjoy making phone calls without shifting your focus from the road. This is the best Bluetooth headset for truckers because it’s the battery that can go for more than 24 hours of usage without going off.



What is the best sounding Bluetooth Headset?

As a truck driver, sometimes, all you may need is a wireless headset that gives you the best quality to keep you focused as you enjoy your music or calls. Below are some great Bluetooth Headsets for truckers you might want to try.

9. ICOMOFIT Bluetooth Headset

Here is yet another headphone with excellent sound quality and also has all the qualities you might want from a wireless headset. The ICOMOFIT Headset is all you need for a secure connection and a good battery performance.

You can answer phone calls hands-free and enjoy listening to audios without touching your smartphone. Besides that, you can have 10 hours of talk time and over 8 hours of listening to music. All this is possible due to its long lasting battery. The best thing is that it takes less than one hour to charge it.

With eight of only 0.5 ounces, it is light enough and comfortable to wear. For this reason, you can have it on your ears for quite some time without feeling too fatigued. The ICOMOFIT Bluetooth Headset uses an advanced noise canceling technology, and it’s possible to hear everything clearly without any disturbance from background buzz.

The Bluetooth connection of this device is 4.1 and can go up to 33-feet. This ensures that you have a stable connection while driving through the country side. This Bluetooth headset can also support voice assistant apps like Siri and Google Now.

The dual connection features let you connect up to two gadgets simultaneously. In this case, you can use two devices, one is playing music and the other on phone calls. It has an in-built buttons location.

You will find the power, volume and mute functions separate from one another. This makes it easier to find and control them.



10. YUWISS Bluetooth Headset

Get the best Bluetooth headset for truck drivers that you can easily pair up with any devices, whether they have an Android or iOS operating system. The YUWISS Bluetooth Headset could be a good fit for truck drivers since it offers 24 hours of talk time and is comfortable to use.

If hours of driving on the road in poor driving conditions makes you bored, you might want to use this Bluetooth headset. Don’t worry about which size to choose since it has ear hooks and ear tips that come along with it to make you use it comfortably.

You cannot hear the background, thanks to its noise reduction feature. You can listen to whatever you are looking at, whether it’s an audio-book or music.



What are some frequently asked questions about headsets for truckers?

Could it be dangerous to wear them while driving?


No. it is not dangerous to wear while driving the road so long as you use them alone. It is much safer than texting while driving or using it to receive a phone call while driving.

Most driving accidents happen due to using the phone, which diverts the driver’s attention from the road.

A Bluetooth headset might be a better option should you need to answer phone calls while on your truck. Bluetooth Headsets for truckers allow you to position your eyes away from your phone and focus on the road. You should, however, minimize phone calls to.avoid diverting your attention.

Could Bluetooth Headsets be dangerous to your health?


No. These Bluetooth headsets are safe to use, and many studies prove that. According to research by the American Cancer Society, there is no connection between using a cellphone and health issues. Compared with cellphones and smartphones they release more energetic radiation than headsets.

However, even the best Bluetooth headset for truckers can transmit radiation to your phone, a connection distance of only 30-feet.

Final Verdict

Travelling for long distances as a truck driver can be tricky. You need headsets for truckers to entertain your journey and help you receive calls. The above suggestions could help you narrow down your search if you wondered which Bluetooth Headset is the best for truckers.

While the above recommendations are great, we found out that the Sennheiser HD 4.40 Wireless Headphones could be the best if you were to choose one. It has outstanding voice quality and noise-cancelling technology. You can choose it or select any other trucker Bluetooth headsets above depending on your budget.

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