6 Best Bluetooth Earbuds under $50 in 2023

by Matthew David | Updated: 04/12/2023

Some products stay with us on many occasions on any given day. We feel at a loss when we forget or miss to carry such products along with us. One such product of the era is the Bluetooth earbuds. 

Bluetooth earbuds are one of the enormous advancements in the personal entertainment arena that adds pep to our day to day life.

Irrespective of the environment in which the wireless earbuds are used, people belonging to many age groups enjoy using the same.

Bluetooth earbuds are available at different costs based on their utility type. We present here the best wireless earbuds under $50 available in the market. 

Best Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50 – Updated 2020

1. Otium Bluetooth Earbuds

Otium Bluetooth earbud is one of those products which every person interested in exercising would love to go in for. Otium Bluetooth earbud has been designed in such a manner that the neckband-like structure adds to the comfort level of users.

Anyone who exercises jogs, walks, and runs regularly will find Otium Bluetooth earbud a highly useful one. Complementing the neckband structure for a thorough hold the ear hold adds immense value to the purpose it is used.

Owing to the neckband and ear hold design, Otium Bluetooth earbud does not have any wires hanging from it increasing east of use. 

The next best feature in Otium Bluetooth earbud is the battery aspect. When Otium Bluetooth earbud battery is fully charged, it works in a hindrance free manner for eight full hours.

The charge light indicator shows the level of charge at any point in time. The battery is no doubt one of the best parts of Otium Bluetooth earbud. 

The built-in touch controls make Otium Bluetooth earbud an easy to operate and user friendly one. You can change from one music track to another without reaching out to your phone. The touch control buttons allow you to pick up calls without having to unlock your phone for the same. 

The sound effect is the next best feature in Otium Bluetooth earbud. The bass sound and the stereo effect add immense value to the user’s favorites.

Otium Bluetooth earbud has one of the best volume control features among the many similar products available in the arena.

Voice notification enabled Otium Bluetooth earbud to help users identify the incoming calls without having to stop the activity they are into. 

The sweat absorbs feature of Otium Bluetooth earbud makes it the best choice for sportspeople who sweat their muscles out. This feature makes Otium Bluetooth earbud the best wireless earbud for athletes. 

2. MEE Audio N1

From the pockets of the established Brand MEE Audio, the wireless earbud model name is N1. It was introduced in 2017 and has been one of the preferred models for a long time now.

One of the main reasons why N1 has been a consistent choice of many is its weight. The sleek model makes it lightweight. Both these factors help users carry this product easily where ever they go in a hassle-free manner. 

The battery used in N1 is made of Lithium Polymer material. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for more than 8 hours when charged once fully. 

N1 has a built-in sound system and Microphone, both of which are highly powerful. This makes N1 perfectly suitable for outdoor use. Even indoors, the connectivity between the primary device and N1 bluetooth ear bud happens without any delay in a prompt manner.

The high-quality Microphone makes audio highly audible, one with the best of clarity. This makes life easy for users even at times when they are amidst traffic frenzy causing high noise.

The sound of horns and vehicle engines all get filtered by the inbuilt filter available for the purpose. Be it music or movies with heavy background score or speeches, the clarity with which users can enjoy the content is amazing. 

N1 has been designed in such a manner that the over the ear design makes it fit on the ears tight even while riding two-wheelers on the road. Sportspeople find N1 wireless earbuds their best companion owing to the built-in magnets that keep them on the place. 

If you are a person on the move all the time and want to have your hands free for other tasks to be performed, N1 is the best choice wireless earbud to go for. 

3. Sony MDR-XB70BT

MDR-XB70BT Bluetooth earbud comes in black color and is from the leading Brand Sony. This Bluetooth version 4.1 comes with an in the ear headset. 

Sony MDR-XB70BT is to be worn from behind the neck. The neckband attached to the earbuds offers solid support since they fit in the ear in the perfect manner. The inbuilt mic has high levels of clarity, enabling chit chat even while involved in other noisy activities. 

Sony MDR-XB70BT comes with extra bass sound, which makes music hearing a profound and enjoyable experience. The clarity that the bass sound offer to users enables them to hear even the minutest of the beats in a clear manner. Music lovers are sure to enjoy their favorite pass time when they use Sony MDR-XB70BT. 

Sony MDR-XB70BT comes with inbuilt touch controls that act more like a remote. Using these touch controls, the users can increase and decrease volume, play and stop music tracks and skip or pause them when required.

All these can be done using the touch control in the Sony MDR-XB70BT headphone. Users need not go back and forth to their primary devices. 

Sony MDR-XB70BT is light in weight and sleek in design. Music lovers can pack Sony MDR-XB70BT in an easy manner and carry it with them anywhere they travel anytime. This mobility is one of the significant advantages that users can enjoy when they choose Sony MDR-XB70BT wireless earbuds over the others. 

One of the biggest advantages users enjoys when they purchase Sony MDR-XB70BT wireless earbuds is the Brand that owns the product. It not only acts as a status symbol but also offers the guarantee that regular brands fail to offer. 

When compared to the Brand from which users get Sony MDR-XB70BT wireless earbuds, the cost of the same is highly affordable. The economically priced Sony MDR-XB70BT wireless earbuds are no doubt the best product music lovers can possess over others. 

4. Skullcandy Jib In-Ear Noise-Isolating Earbuds

It is Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds when it comes to perfect earbud design. Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds suit the requirement of music lovers in a perfect manner. It comes with a USB to the USB charging cable, which speeds up the charging process. On charging Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds fully, the battery life lasts for 6.5 hours.

Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds come with a two-year warranty, which is a considerable benefit user enjoys purchasing the same.

Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds are designed mainly for music lovers. The highest level of technology built in the set makes music lovers enjoy every bit of the music to its fullest extent.

The powerful speakers built-in Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds offer superior quality sounds at all points of time. The noise filtering capabilities of Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds helps users enjoy music without any external noise disturbing their experience.

The crusher ANC introduced by Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds makes music lovers experience deeper dimensions of sound with 100% clarity. The Sesh wireless earbud added to Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds offers its users an elevated music experience. 

Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds weigh 9.4 grams making it a lightweight, high-quality technical product. The sleek model makes it easy for users to carry Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds anywhere at all points of time. 

The beauty of Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds lies in the colors it is available in. Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds are available in Blue, Purple, Black, Red, Miami, White and Crimson colors. Users can choose the color of their choice.  

Music lovers who love colors must go in for Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds so they can enjoy colorful music all the time. 

Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds are not only for music lovers but also for adventure lovers. 

5. Aukey Latitude Wireless earbuds

Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds is a sleek model earbud offering high levels of comfort to users who use the same. The modern design offering neck and ear support make Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds an easy to wear earbud. Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds are light in weight, complementing its size.  

The ear hooks and ear tips in Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds come in three different sizes. This ensures that users with different sized ear holes benefit out of the model in an equal manner.

The three sizes also help users select the one that fits in their ears in the perfect manner. When unused, the ear hooks hang around the neck in an ideal manner owing to the magnets in the other end. 

Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds fit in firmly acting as noise filters. This makes users enjoy crystal clear sound at all points of time. People who use Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds do not hear the environment sounds. 

The sleek design does not only support comfortable wearing but also enhances the looks to a great extent. Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds are Nano coated, and this makes it sweat resistant. 

Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds come with a micro USB cable for effective battery charging. When charged for one and a half hours, Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds battery performs for eight full hours. This means Music lovers can enjoy hearing approximately 100 plus songs. This makes Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds Music lovers’ choice. 

The design of Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds can also be termed as a Sport earbud. The sweatproof feature makes it highly useful for sportspeople who exercise vigorously.

Aukey Latitude wireless earbuds are suitable for wearing throughout the exercising, walking, jogging, and running sessions. 

6. Skullcandy Smokin’ earbuds

SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds, which weigh just 4 grams, come in six beautiful colors. The In-ear headphone happens to be built with state of the art technology. SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds have been designed, keeping in mind the shape of the inner ear of humans. Owing to the same, these buds fit in the ear lobes perfectly. 

Be it a vocal rendering or regular background music in movies, SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds offer the best of sound effect to music lovers.

Users can enjoy the warmth of the music in the highest perfect manner possible. The brass surround is thumping, making the heartbeat in a faster and profound manner. 

The cable that is used in SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds is flat in shape, offering stability and perfect fitting in the ear lobes. The comfort offers to users during usage makes SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds a user-friendly one. 

SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds come with a built-in remote that acts as touch control to operate soundtracks and movies.

Users can start, pause and stop just at one touch of a button without toggling between the base device and the earbuds. The mic attached to SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds is powerful and so allows users to take incoming calls while on other applications. 

SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds are sweatproof and so supports all types of exercising actions, including jogging, running and gym sessions.

The sweatproof feature lasts for a long duration, helping people pursue their physical activities as long as they planned to carry out the same. 

All the above features make SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds music lover and sportsman friendly. This dual aspect makes SkullCandy Smokin’ earbuds stand taller than similar other models in the industry.

How to choose the best Bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds come in different models. They are available in various specifications, which influence the cost aspect to a great extent.

The many hundreds of Bluetooth earbud models available in the market will undoubtedly confuse the buyers. It is essential that the buyers need to be aware of the technical specifications to look out for in the Wireless earbuds. This awareness will help users buy the perfect wireless earbuds that suit their exact requirements.

Many people are not used to wearing wireless earbuds. It is essential that such people go in for earbuds that do not pop out of the ear every next second. 

One of the most important factors to be considered is the Battery aspect of wireless earbuds. Look out for batteries that will last long after charging.

It is essential to understand the charging time of wireless earbud batteries before making the final purchase decision. Please note, this is a recurring activity and so must not become one that irritates in a repeated manner. 

Remember, if you don’t choose the right headphone, you may soon land up suffering from an unmanageable headache.

Let us now peep into the features to look out in a Bluetooth earbud before making the final purchase decision. 

What are the advantages of using wireless earbuds?

Wireless earbuds offer many advantages to users. One of the many benefits of using Wireless earbuds is the freedom of movement it provides to the users.

People who use wireless earbuds have the freedom to travel around while hearing what they want to hear. The environment or the place people are in does not matter at all when they wear Bluetooth earbuds. This freedom is one of the significant advantages people enjoy using wireless earbuds. 

The second most significant advantage that wireless earbuds offer is to enjoy what users want to experience at any point in time.

Users can hear their favorite songs, speeches, audio files, and more while they are exercising, walking, or jogging. Users can attend even to their official meeting over calls while traveling without any hindrance. 

The next colossal advantage that wireless earbuds offer to its users is the comfort.

To sort out issues and find urgent solutions many a time, we are made to speak over long calls. Serious problems force us to talk long calls even while we are traveling or doing something else.

Holding the phones in our hands for extended periods may cause pain. Bluetooth wireless earbuds rid us of such discomfort. We can have these earbuds in our ears and continue doing what we are doing. This also facilitates multitasking. 

Modern technology comes with advanced features like noise cancellation. This acts as a massive boon to users who require 100% focus.

Noise cancellation feature filters all noises big and small, offering perfect clarity to what users hear hands free. This offers immense happiness, particularly to music lovers who enjoy even the minutest of nuances in the same.

Movie lovers also benefit from the noise cancellation technology since it helps them enjoy the background score with utmost clarity. Look out for the advantage you want to leverage using wireless earbuds before finalizing the model. 

Attributes that differentiate Wireless earbuds

1. Microphone

Many factors differentiate the performance of wireless earbuds, the first and foremost being the Microphone. A good microphone separates the environmental noise from the user’s voice. Try the earphone before you make the payment.

2. Touch Controls

Another factor that differentiates wireless earbuds is the touch controls. A good wireless earbud allows users to increase or decrease volume, start or stop or change music tracks right with the touch of a button. This eases the usage enabling the users to be away from the device that is connected to the wireless earbuds. 

3. Size of the buds

Not all earbuds suit all ears. This being the case, wireless sets that accommodate different types of earbuds is undoubtedly a crucial differentiator. Look out for this feature in wireless earbuds so you can go in for the model that suits your ears. This changeability will make you feel at ease while using the earbuds. 

Some earbuds come with rubber tips that cover the outer surface in a ring-like manner. This is to avoid environment sound from entering the ears when you are focusing on hearing your favorite something. Increasing the volume to prevent external noises may affect your hearing capabilities in the long run. Such rubber tips are one of the value-adding differentiators in wireless earbuds. 

4. Sweat Proof

Sweat Proof is another major factor that differentiates between various wireless earbuds scattered all over the market. If you an athlete or an exercise maniac, ensure you buy wireless earbuds that are 100% sweat proof. This will help you jog, walk, run, and exercise without getting hindered by the sweat blocking the sound from the wireless earbud. 

5. Battery

Wireless earbuds, no doubt, live with us for many years but not their batteries. Mainly, batteries made up of lithium-ion lose their life within a few years. This makes wireless earbuds a redundant one since they cannot work with the battery. 

What’s the best way to use Wireless earbuds?

Avoid using earbuds for more extended periods. Use earbuds only when you need to multitask. If you are involved in jobs that need continuity and, at the same time, attend to a call, use wireless earbuds

 Remember, excessive usage of wireless earbuds may cause damage to your hearing. Limit the usage of wireless earbuds to the extent that is required. Avoid becoming an addict to wireless earbuds usage. 

Do not wait until your ear lobes to experience pain. Use wireless earbuds only when required and allow the ears to be free of load most of the time. 

Use wireless earbuds when you have to multitask or when it is unavoidable. 

Do not become addict to wireless earbuds lest you feel fish out of water when they are not on your ears.  

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Wireless earbuds under $50

1. Compatibility

One crucial point you must have in mind while purchasing wireless earbuds is it’s compatibility with wired usage also. If you want your earbuds to be compatible with both wired and wireless networks, be specific to ask for the feature. Avoid going with your assumptions or hearsay.  

Select Bluetooth earbuds that are compatible with the devices you have. After all, you are purchasing wireless earbuds to use them along with these devices. Check for this compatibility and then buy. 

2. Mic

Ensure that the wireless earbud you choose has a mike attached to the same so that you can pick up phone calls. Speaking over phone calls without having to stop the work you are on acts as value addition. 

3. Cost

Avoid getting carried away by the jargon ‘the higher the cost, the better the quality.’ Choose only what suits you irrespective of the cost factor. 

4. Go for Light Model

If you are new to using wireless earbuds, take extra caution to acclimatize with the same. Avoid going in for heavy ones, which may cause pain to the ear lobes, at least during the initial use. Do not go in for bulky models since this may cause discomfort to you. Go in for plug-in type, which will well fit inside the ears. Choose lightweight ones to avoid such issues. 

5. Other factors

Avoid jumping to the conclusion that the recently released version of wireless earbuds is the best among the others. Look out for the additional features in the newcomer. Only if you are convinced that the new features will value add to your usage, go for it. 

Ensure you read reviews of users who have already experienced the product you are interested in. Do not get carried away by reviews. Analyze by researching further on the issue presented by users in their reviews. Take your final call based on the overall understanding of the issue after detailed research. 

One of the issues you must consciously avoid while using wireless earbuds is signal interference. Wireless routers and computers may get affected due to the signals that the Bluetooth earbuds use. Check for possibilities to avoid this issue and then go in for the right type of wireless earbuds.  

Go in for the perfect type of wireless earbuds that do not have long wires hanging from the same. This might hinder your running or exercising regime in the Gym.

If you are purchasing a Bluetooth device for gaming purposes, choose one that is compatible with your gaming console. This will help you handle concerning devices with ease in a hassle-free manner. 

It is better to go for a sweatproof wireless earbud irrespective of the purpose you are purchasing the same for. Ask for sweatproof features before making the final purchase decision.


You may prefer to use wireless earbuds during specific timings or activities. We recommend you to choose wireless earbuds that serve your purpose of use. Purchase wireless earbuds that fit in your budget.

Go in for the model that you are comfortable wearing during the specific activity you choose to use them. Ensure you understand the product specification clearly before purchasing the wireless earbud, so you do not regret it at a later stage. 

As is the case of any quality product, Brand plays a crucial role when you want to go in for high-quality wireless earbuds. While you look out for brands that offer high quality, ensure your comfort level matters more than anything else.

Umpteen number of wireless earbuds are available in the market to Avoid getting misled by the attractive offers posted by brands to increase their sales now and then. Have clarity in what you want and look out for your requirement in the products shortlisted by you.

Go only with the product that suits your exact requirement than buying wireless earbuds, which are preferred by your acquaintances. Remember, the wireless earbuds you finally choose are the ones that will make every day of your life a happy one. 

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