7 Best 6×8 Speakers for Bass in 2023

by Matthew David | Updated: April 21, 2023

Speakers are a priceless accessory to your car. Many modern cars come with factory-made audio systems, most of which are not satisfactory, especially in terms of sound and build quality.

As such, you may need to upgrade your speakers to a better set to enjoy great music. The 6×8 speakers for bass are the best aftermarket car speakers on sale today. The best thing about these speakers is that they are compatible with almost all cars.

They are incredibly durable and have superb sound quality. Below is a review of 7 of the best 6×8 speakers for bass.

1. JBL Stadium GTO860C 6×8″ Speakers – Best High-Performance

If you are looking for a speaker that gives you deep bass, JBL Stadium GTO860C may be your best choice.

It’s a speaker you will find in use mostly in recording studios, concerts, and theatres. It is popular for its clear, deep, and dynamic sound.

These speakers come with high sensitivity and low impedance. Besides, their power handling works very well with factory stereos or external amplifiers. As such, they are popular among many audiophiles.

The speakers are of a glass-fibre woofer cone. They also have a hi-roll rubber surround. With such a build, they have the rigid support that you need when listening to high volumes.

The rigidity is also good for the bass. It helps you to have a feel of every hit that the speakers release.

To ensure that the high notes remain sharp, the tweeters, too, come in a dome design. The design is also crucial in that it helps to prevent any sound distortion during high volumes.

The tweeters also allow you to adjust the levels of the highs, as you prefer. They come fitted with a level control button.

The other key feature that you will appreciate about these speakers is their surface area. The large surface area of the cone ensures that the bass receives as much airflow as possible. As such, it can produce abundant sound for you.

These are the kind of speakers to go if you hate being stuck in traffic. They will assuredly offer you that company that you need as you listen to your favorite songs.

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2. Infinity REF-6422cfx Coaxial Car Speaker –Best for the High notes

The Infinity REF-6422CFX is among the best car audio speakers. Other than providing high-quality audio, it compatible with most factory car stereos.

The Infinity REF-6422CFX 6×8 is also a two-way speaker system that has a sensitivity of 93dB. Its RMS power output is 60 watts, and it comes with peak power of 180 watts of peak power.

The other key feature is that these speakers come with a textile dome tweeter. As such, you can get smoother high frequencies and hit the high notes.

Their cone is a 6” Plus One+ polypropylene woofer that also comes with a surround.  However, the surround of speakers is of hi-roll rubber. The impedance of these speakers is also quite low, rating at 3 ohms.

The other thing to know about these speakers is that they are not a direct fit. For them to fit accurately, you may have to do some extra work.

Concerning sound quality, these speakers come from some of the well-known brands in the manufacture of musical instruments. As such, they produce a high- quality sound all along.

The use of the coaxial Plus One+ design has been very effective in increasing the surface area of the woofer within. Consequently, these speakers have a higher output and sensitivity at lower frequencies. They also produce low-end sound coupled with better clarity.

These speakers may not be the best in bass output if you compare with many other brands in the market. However, their Plus One+ polypropylene woofer cone still ensures that they give you that punch.

You can also get higher volumes as prefer by hooking them to an external amplifier.

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3. 6” x 8” Car Sound Speaker – Best for the Budget

The 6″ x 8″ Car speaker is another best budget but a high-quality speaker.

These three-way speakers come with a sensitivity of 91dB. Their RMS power output stands at 180 watts with peak power of 360watts.

About their build, their woofers are also reinforced by the use of a MICA material.

These speakers come with mounting hardware, grills, as well as wires as part of the package. These accessories make it one of the best budget speakers in the market. Many other expensive speakers hardly come with any accessories.

The one main downside of these speakers is the Piezo tweeter. Although still efficient, this tweeter does not deliver the best sound quality. It is a cheap alternative for other better tweeters.

The sound of these speakers may not be the best in the market. However, it is still superior if you compare it with many other alternatives around.

The other feature worth noting is the aspect of power. These speakers come with very high power ratings. However, the total usable power is not that good either.

If you use the speakers at higher volumes, there will be a noticeable distortion. The distortion will even be more apparent at lower frequencies.

However, at lower volumes, the production is quite super. The mids are very clear at lower volumes. The bass a bit thin but does not sound muddy.

Generally, the overall sound is quite good unless you push the volume to the extremes.

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4. Blaupunkt 6 x 8-InchCar Audio Speakers – Best for the Accessories

The Blaupunkt are among the four-way coaxial car speakers in the market.

They come with a sensitivity of 90dB and a power output of 120 watts. Besides, their peak power stands at 300 watts.

They come with a surround of foam butyl, whereas the woofers are of polypropylene. As for the tweeters, they are dual mylar dome.

One feature that is quite impressive about these speakers is that they come with accessories such as grills.

Concerning their sound, they produce a decent smooth sound coupled with a seamless crossover between frequencies.

At lower volumes, the bass is quite punchy. However, as you get towards the two thirds maximum power mark, distortion starts to set in. As you keep increasing the volume, the bass becomes muddled and wooly.

However, their average performance is not that poor, considering that they come at a considerably low price. They produce a decent sound that is well balanced and has excellent clarity across all the frequencies.

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5. Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6″x8″ speaker – Best for easy installation

For over 30 years now, Rockford Fosgate has been at the forefront of making quality speakers. The P1683 punch is one of their best speakers.

If you are looking for the best sounding speakers to replace your old car factory speaker, consider this one.

They come with an excellent flex fit basket that uses slots to provide perfect compatibility for all car models. Moreover, they do not use screw-sized holes like many others.

With the slots, you can slightly adjust the speakers once mounted.

The other feature that might interest you is that it comes with a vast surround. With the surround, the speaker has its useful radiating cone area widened. The advantage of this is that it does not affect the installation process.

The speakers come as a pair of 3-way speakers. Their power handling capacity is 130 W peak value and 65W RMS value. As such, you can use them with slightly powerful amplifiers.

The P1683 may not necessarily be the loudest speaker in the market. However, it strikes a good balance between volume, clarity, and range.

There is minimal sound loss as you use this speaker, thanks to the butyl midrange rubber surround.

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6. Infinity Kappa 682.11cf 6×8 Car Speakers – Best for clarity

Infinity Kappa 682.11cf is among the best car speakers in the market. It has low power ratings but still responds go low frequencies.

It is a speaker that comes with a wide frequency response ranging between 40Hz to 25 kHz. As such, it allows you to enjoy the bass as you listen to your favorite music.

The speaker’s 1-inch soft dome tweeter that is edge driven plays a key role in relaying the high frequencies. The good overall performance is also boosted by the fact that the speaker is a 2-way configuration.

Although this speaker drives out low power frequencies, it does not require a large power amplifier. On the contrary, this speaker has slightly low power ranges.

The low power range enables the speaker to handle the lows and highs without distortion even at high volumes.

The other thing you may want to know is about the installation. Infinity Kappa 682.11cf is a speaker that you can easily install.

If you want more sound production, this speaker allows you to hook it up with an amplifier. It works well if connected to an amplifier of 40 watts RMS. As long the HPF is set to off, there will be no sound distortion even at full volume.

The Kappa 682.11cf comes with a unique carbon-glass matrix frame. With this, it is able to balance strength and weight effectively. At the same time, it can withstand harsh handling.

It also comes with a tweeter of a soft-dome material. This material is crucial in balancing any distortion at higher volumes.

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7. Alpine SPR-68 6×8″ Coaxial Speakers – Best Sounding Speakers.

The Alpine SPR-68 is another of the best 6×8” car speakers you will find in the market.

Like many others, you can use it with a car stereo.  You can also connect it to an outboard amplifier.  An amplifier will ensure you get the best of the speakers’ 100 watts RMS.

Another exceptional feature adapted in these speakers is the ridged surround, famous for performance in Alpine subwoofers. The surround helps to give extra cone movement. As more air gets pushed out, the speakers produce a louder, deeper sound.

Even at very high volumes, these speakers will still give you a clear bass sound. This feature remains constant according to many reviews; even the speakers are unamplified. The sound is clear, and the vibrations very excellent.

These speakers also come with swivel-featured tweeters that you can easily adjust. The tweeters have a silk dome-design, which helps to eliminate any shrillness. With these tweeters, you can hit the higher end of the listening spectrum.

The other fantastic feature with these features is their design. This speakers can fit with almost any factory speaker placement.

The speakers also come at a not very high price if you compare with other brands. They are a good value for your money.

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Buyers Guide for the Best 6×8 Speakers for Bass.

All 6×8 speakers for bass are not the same. They differ in design, sensitivity, frequency, sound, and build quality, among other features. Therefore, you need to be sure that all qualities of the speaker suit your needs before making a purchase. Below are five vital factors to consider when buying the best 6×8 speaker for bass.

1. Should You Buy a Component or a Full-Range Speaker?

6×8 speakers fall under these two broad categories. Both component and full-range speakers are excellent choices, depending on your exact needs.

Component speakers have top-notch sound quality. However, they are a bit expensive as compared to full-range speakers. If sound quality is your top priority, these speakers are a perfect choice.

If you are looking for a cheaper version of 6×8 speakers, full-range/ coaxial speakers are the best. Besides being cost-friendly, these speakers are easy to install and also sound good.

After weighing both options and deciding on which type to buy, compare the available options before making the final decision.

2. Build Quality

When shopping for such an essential item, durability should be one of your top priorities. The quality of a speaker’s build materials greatly affects its durability and sound quality. The speaker’s main components are a tweeter, woofer, and the surround/ casing material.

3. Tweeter

In every audio system, the kind of materials used to make tweeters greatly affects its sound quality. If you want a highly refined sound, look for tweeters with soft materials such as silk, textile blends, and poly. Hard materials like ceramic, titanium, metal, and graphite are ideal for people looking for bright and clear sound.

4. Woofer

To achieve low notes from your woofer, you should consider a stiff and lightweight material. Synthetic films such as polypropylene mixed with Mica and woven fabric coated with aluminum or titanium are the ideal materials for a woofer.

Some manufacturers also use Kevlar coated paper on woofers, and it works incredibly well. Water-resistance is another key quality you should look out for in a woofer’s material.

5. Speaker surround

A speaker’s surround facilitates free movement of the cone and is responsible for producing a bold bass. The surround’s material should have the ability to withstand humidity and temperature variations to perform this critical role.

Foam and cloth are the most common materials. Besides being durable, they are affordable. However, the best and most recommended surround material is Butyl rubber. It is a high-quality material and has superior durability.

6. Compatibility and Ease of Installation

One of the most attractive things about 6×8 speakers is that they are compatible with almost all modern vehicle brands. However, it is crucial to understand your car set up and research the appropriate power it can send to the speakers. You can do this through online resources or better still consult with a professional mechanic.

Installation of new 6×8 speakers for bass in your car depends on the type of vehicle. Some cars have complicated wiring systems, which makes installations very tasking, while others are straightforward.

The speakers come with an installation manual, making it easy to do the installation yourself. However, if you are not conversant with car wiring, let a professional mechanic do the installation for you.

7. Frequency Response and Sound Quality

Sound is probably the primary factor that causes people to upgrade or change their car audio systems. But what makes an excellent sound quality?

Sensitivity (dB) is the most significant determinant of a car’s sound quality. The level of sensitivity shows the loudness of the speaker at a given power. It also shows the effectiveness of power conversion from the amplifier to the speaker.

As for the frequency response, the lower the range’ beginning, the deeper the bass. The end of a range shows the highest frequency that that particular speaker can produce.

Most factory car stereos have a low power capability and thus require speakers with over 90dB sensitivity level. However, if your car system is already high-powered, look for speakers with a lower sensitivity level. The higher the sensitivity level, the more efficient the speakers will be.

8. Power Handling Ability

Another term for a speaker’s power handling is Root Mean Square (RMS). Peak power metrics and RMS show the actual amount of power that a speaker can handle. If it exceeds this amount, you risk damaging your speaker.

When shopping for a speaker, always check the maximum RMS and not peak power. A low-powered system needs a low RMS speaker and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What difference will the aftermarket 6×8 car speakers make in my car?

New 6×8 speakers will significantly improve your car system’s sound quality because they have better highs and lows. Also, they help to enhance your car’s interior, and this can boost the car’s value if you plan to sell it.

How can I make my 6×8 speakers sound better?

If the speakers are correctly installed, they will certainly sound great. However, you can make them sound better by upgrading the car’s head unit as well as setting crossovers. Also, to improve the bass response, always start by turning down the mid-tones and treble and then raising the volume.

Can I add new 6×8 speakers without replacing the factory ones?

Yes, this is technically possible. However, you need to be conversant with the existing wiring and connectivity to prevent damages and other issues. Also, there should be enough space to accommodate both speakers.

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In conclusion, the best 6×8 speakers for bass should be able to offer you excellent sound production. It should be able to give you quality sound that you can enjoy listening to your favorite music in your car.

Look for a speaker that will not have any distortion even at high volumes.

For our review, the JBL Stadium GTO860C is the best 6×8 speaker for bass. It has a sturdy build, and the tweeter is adjustable. Moreover, it produces deep, clear bass and has no distortion even at high volumes.