Best 6.5 Component Speakers for Bass – Full Reviews in 2023

by Matthew David | Updated: 04/22/2023

Arguably, loud bass lovers are never satisfied with their car’s audio system. They always complain about the sound produced from their car speakers being dull. Some sound systems even produce a stretched out high bass audios and as a result, it becomes hard to hear the music or the lyrics.

In such a case, you need the best 6.5 component speakers for bass. They offer you high-quality sound and control to determine how you want it. Different types come with varying features and prices. So, it becomes challenging to choose the best. We are here to help you by reviewing the seven best 6.5 component speakers for bass.

1. CL-61A.2-25 PRO 6.5 Inch Speaker

This CL-61A.2-25 PRO Component Speakers offer superb music quality. As it is a two-way system, it comes with two tweeters and two woofers. It takes your music experience to a higher notch. This product comes with a power handling of 150 watts RMS. This makes its performance much better than many other component speaker systems.

It has a frequency response ranges between 65 – 20 kHz. Thus, its response rate is good enough to handle high and low ends correctly. This component system comes with pressed and treated cones. As a result, these cones allow it to offer a smooth mid-level response.

Although these speakers tend to be pricier, their power makes them worth it. Consequently, they provide excellent performance. Their crossover enables you to play a booming and clear bass. Also, these speakers allow for a 2.5 inches mounting depth, which ensures they are secure enough.

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2. Kicker 43CSS654 CSS65 Speaker

This Kicker 43CSS654 CSS65 Component System is sleek and sturdy and is one of the best car speaker in the market. It has a unique woofer cone that helps it enhance its sound quality. Unlike the other similar speakers, this system has an expanded diaphragm area. As a result, it is capable of offering a better low-frequency response. Besides, there is a polyester foam material surrounding this woofer. This fabric gives it a better range and consistent output.

This speaker has an adjustable level controls. Thus, you have the power to customize your tweeters. So, you can set your car’s sound to your liking. These tweeters have mid-lower impedance as well. Due to this feature, they are capable of drawing more power from your stereo. As a result, these tweeters can yield a higher volume even when using low-powered radios.

These two-way speakers offer you an excellent surrounding sound experience. This sound experience is due to the two 6.5 inch speakers that come with the system. Besides, this system has a dual-level adjustment for tweeter volume. This feature assists you with speaker placement.

Another fantastic feature for this device is the extra-large soft dome tweeters’ voice coils. They are vital for dealing with heat dissipation. Moreover, its continuous power is 100 watts RMS per speaker. Also, its peaks are at 300 watts for every speaker.

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3. JBL GTO609C Component Speaker System

This product is incredibly attractive and is the best speaker in car. Due to their stylish design, this component system gives you an excellent first impression. Besides, this product has 6.5 inches of carbon-injected woofer cones.

These cones have a unique Plus One technique that expands its diaphragm area. As a result, they offer you a better low-frequency response. Thus, you can enjoy good bass and clear audio. Moreover, this system uses ¾ inches edge-driven dome tweeters. Consequently, these tweeters help you enjoy a luxurious experience when it comes to higher frequencies. Their highs are sharp and clear, thus cutting through the noises.

The adjustable level control on these tweeters is crucial. It enables you to tweak your tweeters to your preferred taste. As a result, you can customize the sound quality of your component system. Besides, these JBL GTO609C speakers have a dedicated crossover network. Thus, they are capable of offer well-balanced and seamless output.

Their sensitivity rating of 93 dB makes them quite efficient as well. As a result, they sound superb when powered by a stereo. Besides, they are capable of handling up to 90 watts RMS. Moreover, these speakers can handle peaks of about 270 watts. Also, due to their 3 ohms impedance load, they draw little power from your stereo. But, they yield high volume even when with a low-powered factory head unit.

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4. Rockford Fosgate T1650-S Compatible 6.5 Inch Component Speaker System

The design for this compatible component speaker system ensures it is long-lasting. These speakers have Santoprene rubber coating, which is essential for their durability. Also, it comes with polypropylene and carbon fibers cones, thus making it more reliable.

As a result, it allows you to blast your music the whole day without blowing them. This feature makes this speaker one of the right choice for most bass lovers. Moreover, the tweeters for these speakers perform excellently. They have clear highs that balance out the loud and heavy bass smoothly.

The entire set for these speakers come with two 6.5 inch woofers. Also, it has grilles and two sets of tweeters, which have the desired crossovers. As a result, the tweeters in question have a clear highs balance. Furthermore, the speakers have an axis switching ideal for adjusting the high frequencies. This improves your overall listening experience.

Mounting this Rockford Fosgate T1650-S Compatible Component Speaker System is effortless. It has surface-mounting and flush-mounting hardware, which are vital for mounting purposes. The speakers have 4-ohm impedance and are capable of handling 80 Watts of power RMS. Also, they can handle 160 watts maximum with ease.

So, all the components of this device create the most transparent music tones. Consequently, it works efficiently with various stock stereos types or standard head units. But, a quality amplifier enhances its sound quality. It comes with one year warranty as well, thus guaranteeing you of quality.

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5. Infinity Kappa 60.11CS Speaker

This component system offers a detailed and rich output. Due to their excellent engineering, these speakers can handle any sound. They have a high end quality construction that enables them to perform better. This set of cars speakers can deliver precise highs, mids, and lows. This precision is due to minimized distortion, thus making the sound to be more detailed.

However, you might consider a subwoofer for more bass while using this unit. But, this doesn’t mean that this product has a weak bass response. It’s only that the bass doesn’t act as the main attraction but as an accompaniment. These Infinity Kappa 60.11cs speakers have a 6.5 inches Plus One glass fiber woofers. Besides, these woofers have a hi-roll rubber surround for perfect support.

Due to this surround, it can hold its shape even when playing at high volume levels. So, it still offers punchy and defined bass, hence enabling you to enjoy more. This Glass fiber material weighs lesser in comparison to traditional materials. As a result, they require a lesser amount of power to make the woofers excellent.

Their Plus, One woofer technology, extends the cone to the basket edge. Consequently, it provides a more substantial cone surface area. Thus, you can enjoy loud music, which is crucial for complementing superior high-frequency response.

This unit comes with ¾ inches edge-driven soft dome tweeters. Consequently, these tweeters can take in more power and offer a smooth response to mid range frequencies. Besides, they offer a detailed and clearly defined soundstage. So, these tweeters enable you to hear all the musical instruments and song lyrics, thus enjoying more.

Although these speakers are two ohms, they are sensitive enough. As a result, you can power them with your aftermarket stereo. They are capable of handling up to 90 watts RMS.

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6. Polk Audio DB6501 Speaker

The design of this Component System is high end quality to satisfy a variety of circumstances. First, this product is convenient in offering quality sound. It produces the right production mix, which has a balanced and accurate frequency response.

Also, it delivers refined and deep bass, thus taking your music listening experience a notch higher. Besides, it has smooth highs. As a result, its sound doesn’t pierce your eardrums. This Polk Audio DB6501 device has 6.5-inch Dynamic Balance mica or polymer composite woofers. Consequently, it minimizes the chances of distortion and delivers detailed and smooth sound.

Also, for resilience and stable playback, these woofers have a durable butyl rubber surround. As a result, this surround supports the woofers and keeps them in place. Moreover, the speakers comes with dome tweeters that deliver incredible sonic details and smooth highs. These tweeters have swivel-mount cups that enable you to either flash or surface-mount them.

Their Kapton voice coil can handle high power, hence increasing the speaker’s reliability. Besides, its crossover network enables the lows and the highs flow to the proper component. These tweeters and the woofers blend flawlessly for a superb output. They deliver crisp mid-range and highs, thus letting you enjoy your audio.

Furthermore, this speaker is more efficient due to its 92 dB sensitivity. It enables it to handle outrageous power amounts of 100 watts continuously. As a result, this component offers you a seamless performance.

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7. JBL GT7-6C Speaker

This JBL GT7-6C 6.5″ Component Speaker System is a high-quality product. Similar to other JBL speakers, it has a polypropylene woofer, which has a broader surface area.

The edges of its dome tweeters assist in producing a more extensive range of natural sound. So, it becomes more pleasant listening vocals. Besides, this device has increased low-frequency output and high sensitivity. Consequently, it can produce more precise sounds.

Also, this JBL GT7-6C 6.5″ Component Speaker System delivers a frequency response of 21 kHz. Therefore, it is capable of providing fantastic output regardless of the pitch.

Moreover, it comes with two 6.5 woofers, two external crossovers, and two tweeters. Besides, it can handle about 50 watts RMS. It has 150 watts of peak power as well. This unit works well when connected to an amplifier and on its own as well.

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best 6.5 Component Speakers for Bass

If you are a music bass lover, you need the best speakers for car. They enable you to enjoy better clarity while listening to your music. Also, such speakers offer you a better soundstage. As a result, you enjoy a more authentic music experience. The audio sounds as if it is coming from all around.

Besides, due to their high-quality materials, they make your car look more attractive. Also, they serve you for a prolonged period, thus giving excellent value for money. However, to choose the component speakers for bass, you must consider these factors.

1. Crossover

The best speaker system must have a woofer to handle the low to mid frequencies. Also, it comes with tweeters, which are perfect in dealing with high rates. So, the function of a crossover is to decide where each frequency should be. As a result, the perfect allocation of these frequencies makes a speaker system sound good. Therefore, without a crossover, the system will get mixed signals. Consequently, the sound produced will not be precise, thus resulting in poor performance. A good crossover is vital for a perfect audio experience.

But, there are active and passive crossover types. Passive crossover diverts the frequencies as required without a need for extra power. Apart from extra power from an amplifier, active crossovers need a ground connection as well. However, they offer fine and more flexible tuning. Also, some come with an equalizer to enable you to tweak.

2. Woofers

A woofer is vital in giving you the right low frequencies. As a result, the woofers are in charge of producing bass for you. So, the materials that make it are vital, as they determine the quality of the bass. You should ensure that the cones of your woofer have a stiff and lightweight material. Consequently, most manufacturers use polypropylene material. Such materials enable it to handle moisture and extreme temperatures correctly. So, your system will be able to handle various drastic weather changes, hence lasting longer.

3. Tweeters

Tweeters take care of high frequencies. They ensure that the rates in question are crisp and clear, instead of pitchy. Tweeters that have a poly or silk textile blend offer a high-quality sound. Smooth materials help in producing a refined and smooth sound. But, if you enjoy the snappier and brighter music, consider tweeters with sturdy materials. Besides, your tweeter placement positions are essential. To get an optimal sound, place your tweeters at ear level.

4. Power handling

This feature refers to the amount of power that a speaker can handle. Low powered speakers are not capable of handling a lot of power. But, systems that have powerful external amplifiers require potent speakers. So, if you have such systems, ensure your speaker’s power-handling is similar to the amplifier’s output. The primary power-handling specification refers to maximum PMS power handling. It doesn’t apply to the peak power-handling.

5. Budget

Unquestionably, you should always consider the price while choosing the best car speakers. Although most car speakers for bass are pricey, you shouldn’t overspend. So, you should check for a speaker with your desired specifications, but within your budget.

6. Speaker sensitivity

This feature refers to the ability of a speaker to produce sound from the power it has received. Therefore, a low-powered car stereo system should have high sensitivity range speakers. Also, externally installed amplifiers or aftermarket stereo systems require low sensitive speakers. Powering the amplifier well offers you an excellent surrounding music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for while choosing the best 6.5 component speakers for bass?

The best component speakers for bass depend on the way you like your bass. So, if you love real bass, then consider something loud with no distortions. Individuals who want hearing more definitions should go for a speaker than can handle low ends.

What are the benefits of using the best 6.5 component speakers for bass?

The best 6.5 component speakers are vital for perfect clarity. Also, they offer an excellent sound stage. Thus, making you hear as if the music is coming from all over. Besides, due to their attractive designs, components speakers make your car look attractive.

What is a component speaker sensitivity rating?

The sensitivity rating informs you about the loudness of your speakers with your amplifier’s power. Higher sensitivity ratings require lesser power. So, energy-efficient speakers have higher decibel numbers, which shows higher sensitivity.

Which is the best 6.5 component speakers’ size?

The perfect size for your speaker for bass depends on your space. If you want to install it on your car door, you should first measure its size. But, most common speakers come with a standard size of 6.5 inches.


If you are a bass lover, The best 6.5 speakers are essential for you. However, selecting the product can be a little bit challenging. In this review, CL-61A.2-25 PRO 6.5″ Component Speakers is our best 6.5 component speakers for bass. It has excellent clarity, thus enabling you to enjoy your music.

It’s 150 watts RMS power handling making is one of the top recommended speaker the market. This high power handling capability enhances its performance. Besides, the product comes with a wide frequency response range. As a result, it handles high and low ends correctly, hence offering superb quality. Also, its cones have a perfect design. They enable the system to produce a smooth mid-level response.

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