Best 6.5 Car Speakers – Top 10 Reviewed 2023

by Matthew David | Updated: 04/10/2023

Unless you have specifically bought your car with speaker quality in mind, you will be more than aware that the standard speakers that are integrated into most cars simply don’t cut it. Speaker quality isn’t exactly the main focus for car manufacturers so more often than not, you will be left with scratchy sounding speakers that make listening to music on the road feel like more of a chore than a pleasure. Because of this, a lot of people decide to just ride in silence or use other forms of output systems such as their phones. But, for people who really care about music and want to enjoy their favourite songs on the road, buying a fresh speaker is a must.

However, buying the right speaker can be a complicated task, especially for those of us who don’t really understand the technical specifications. It can be even more complicated when you take into account other factors such as size and shape, but fear not. For those of you that are trying to find the best 6.5 speakers for your car, we have a list of 10 of our personal favorite 6.5 car speakers that will make your search a little easier.

What to look for to find the best 6.5 car speaker

Before the list begins, there are a number of important factors that you should pay attention to when considering which car speaker is the right one for you.


It is important to take watts into consideration as the higher the watts, the more handling power your speakers will have. This usually means that they will play music louder, so if you’re someone who wants to listen to louder music then this is an element to focus on.


Frequency is also important, stereos have many different frequency responses which leads to differing ranges. Finding a stereo with a wider range means you may get better car audio quality, it also means that you will be able to experience both bass and treble clearer.

The Top 10 6.5″ Car Speakers

1. Pioneer TS-G1620F


Pioneer have been making their mark on the stereo industry for a long time now and arguably can be considered one of the best providers for reasonably priced stereos on the market. The Pioneer TS-G1620F is a testament to the quality that this manufacturer has to offer and you can see why.

This speaker can reach an  impressive 600 watts of power per pair. This is fantastic as it means that your music will not only sound louder but also the audio quality will be much clearer and crisp. Not only does it have this, but the Pioneer TS-G1620F also boasts a frequency response of 31 – 18, 000 Hz.

This is fantastic for the price range and will enable you to experience all of the elements of the songs that you are listening to, no matter what genre it falls under. Reviewers of the Pioneer TS-G1620F comment on its ability to produce rich sound quality.

This is only supported by Injected Molded Polypropylene which helps secure the speaker and support the woofer, which can help prevent music distortion which is a common occurrence when it comes to car speakers.  The Pioneer also has a sensitivity rating of 89Db, which means you will be able to hit some pretty decent volumes.

Appearance wise the speaker itself looks sleek and modern and will fit in with any car interior. The cone shape and top mount depth of 1.¾” means that this speaker fits snug, which means it can handle the heaviest of songs and still give you some really clear audio. This speaker is a mid level in terms of price and you really do get an excellent product for a more than reasonable price.

The Pioneer also has a three way design, meaning that the speaker will be able to do its job more efficiently, however with this comes the potential of distortion, but other design elements such as shape and density help to combat this.

2. Rockford Fosgate 165X3


The Rockford is a common go to for anyone that wants to replace the factory speakers in their car.  The Rockford Fosgate car coaxial speakers are reliable and dependable, though their specs aren’t exceptional, they have you covered on everything you would need from your speaker and will perform like an even higher range speaker.

This set of car speakers doesn’t depend on frills and the use of unnecessary materials, instead you get a sleek design that can fit into any car. With the speakers you also get all of the necessary mounting hardware as well as some sleek grills, once again these don’t have an overcomplicated design and once more shows  how well Rockford executes some minimalistic designs.

Though the design may be on the simple side, you still get a pretty impressive frequency range of 52-20,000 Hz. This range is great for anyone that listens to bassy songs as more often than not, cars come with speakers that allow you to feel the bass more than you can hear it.

The speakers operate on 45 watts per speaker which may seem low, however it can still reach some pretty high volumes due to its 91 dB sensitivity level. This speaker setup really is a favourite among car and music enthusiasts, which is no wonder with its more than reasonable price. You can expect to pick up a set for less than your average car speaker set price, which only makes the Rockford even more appealing

Just like the Pioneer, this speaker has a 3 way design, this means that the speaker will run more efficiently than your standard 2 way design, leading to a higher car audio quality. This is once again supported by another minimalistic design quality of the speaker, which is the polypropylene cones that work as a buffer to prevent audio distortion.

3. Kicker DSC650


The Kicker DSC650 is another example of a great mid range speaker that boasts some serious hardware. This is another front runner on the market right now due to its exceptional sound quality and low price combination.

The Kicker has a frequency range from 40- 20,000 Hz, with a sensitivity rate of 90 dB, meaning that you are almost guaranteed some high quality car audio from this bit of tech.  You also get 60 watts of power which is more than enough power, so overall you are going to get some pretty loud and high quality audio.

The speaker itself has a really nice design and stands out, while not being too flashy. If you’re someone who likes that sleek modern look then you’ll definitely appreciate how they look. The speaker also has ribbed polyester foam surrounds, which not only makes it look better, but also helps buffer the sound and prevent distortion.

The Kicker does have a 2 way design that means it has slightly less efficiency as a 3 way design, however having less speakers in your car means less crossover of frequency, which will help prevent any audio distortion that you could experience.

This 6.5 speaker is a favourite among buyers due to its uncomplicated set up, modern appearance and powerful audio quality. Not only this, but the setup is surprisingly cheap so you are really getting a lot for what you pay.

4. JBL GTO629 Premium


The ‘premium’ found in the JBL GTO629 Premiums speakers really earns its place, due to the fantastic hardware quality and durability that these car speakers offer.  The company, JBL, is very well known in the autoparts industry and are respected widely due to the high quality of products that they release.

Much like the Kicker speaker you can expect to get 60 watts of peak power from the speaker, combined with a sensitivity rating of 93dB, this means you are going to get some pretty high volumes out of these speakers, not only do you have this but JBL have added some pretty cool features to only further improve your listening experience.

For example, they have carbon-injected cones that move more air through them and allow more noticeable bass, along with a patented Uni-pivot tweeter which focuses the sound of the speaker. This means that no matter where the speakers are located in your car, you’re still going to have a quality car audio experience.

Not only can you expect great volume control from these car speakers, but with a great frequency range of 53-21,000 Hz, the quality of the audio will be exceptional. However, you would want it to start on a slightly lower frequency, just because some songs sound of better quality when listened to on lower frequencies.

This really is just a quality product that only adds features that are necessary to improving the quality of the speaker and is not just there for the sake of being there, which really is a testament of the JBL manufacturing quality.

5. Pioneer TS-F1634R


These car speakers are reminiscent of old school designs, but far sleeker. Again, appearance may not matter too much for some people, but it is nice that Pioneer has been able to produce a quality looking product once again.  Pioneer have already been mentioned on this list,  but the company keeps on producing speakers and with every new speaker there is improvement.

This particular speaker is a 2 way design, which as we have previously discussed, will produce some quality sound with less worry about distortion, a problem that sometimes occurs with 3 way setups.  This model does have a slightly lower frequency response in comparison to the previously discussed Pioneer speaker, with 31- 16,000Hz. This is still perfectly fine for being able to enjoy your favourite songs, in fact it is often better to have lower frequencies in your vehicle to enable you to enjoy the bass, due to the car being a metal container.

The Pioneer TS-F1634R also boasts a sensitivity of 88dB, which when combined with the other features of the car will produce some good volume and works especially well alongside sub $1000 subwoofers.  You should really expect a minimum sensitivity of around 81dB so this speaker set easily surpasses any lower level car speakers on the market.

This speaker setup also has a nice 200 watt peak power, which is more than what you would expect for a mid level speaker set up. This once again means you will be getting some nice clear sound. High wattage does not always automatically mean loud volumes, but with the rest of the components of the speakers paired together, you do get some outstanding efficiency.

6. JBL CS762


Don’t let this speaker’s position on the list fool you, the JBL CS762 is one of the best budget speaker options on the market right now. The only thing that could be considered to be slightly unappealing about this particular speaker set is its appearance. The speaker has some unusual markings that many have commented don’t match up with the interiors of their cars, but this is really just nitpicking and most people won’t really notice how they look.

In terms of actual power, this really is a quality set up. You get a solid 135 Watts of peak power, which when matched with a quality frequency response of 55-20,000 Hz will deliver some quality audio and high volumes.

This speaker setup also has a sensitivity level of 93dB, which is fantastic for the price range and will help with the efficiency of these car speakers and will help to discourage any distortion. This is also aided by the fact that it is a 2 way set up. Though it can be argued that a 3 way setup leads to higher volumes, you really don’t need a 3 way set up in such a small space so a 2 way set up will be more than enough.

This speaker setup is also notably easy to set up due to its convenient design that fits almost any stock size. That means that putting this setup together will be convenient and you won’t have to pay someone else to help you. JBL pride themselves on trying to recreate the feeling of listening to music at home when you are on the road and with the CS762 they really achieved this.  Though this system isn’t as good as the premium, it’s still a fantastic option.

7. Blaupunkt 6.5-Inch 360W 4-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speaker


This is the first Blaupunkt speaker set to appear on the list and also the first 4 way speaker. 4 way car speakers can hit higher ranges and will perform better than a 3 or 2 way system. However, due to the cross frequencies you may also experience distortion if you are playing at high volumes.

This setup has a lot of unique features that really makes it stand out. A feature that it has that really helps with the performance of the speaker is the aluminum voice coil, the voice coil comes into play when high-temperature fatigue sets in and compromises the audio quality, the coil will also help heavier sounds play with more clarity.  Along with this the speaker has a fantastic 360 watt peak power which once again will promote some high quality audio.

These 6.5 car speakers have a frequency response of 80-20,000 Hz which really gives you an exceptional range of what sounds you can listen to. However, it would be preferable if the frequency was a little lower as this can compromise the quality of bass. The speakers do have a sensitivity of 90dB so distortion will be controlled a lot more.

The main focus of the design of this speaker set up is making sure that the audio quality is crisp and clear, because of this they have added lots of helpful features like a poly-injected cone which allows for louder volumes.

Overall this is just a quality set up that offers a lot of long term reliability and so should definitely be taken into consideration when you are choosing the best car speaker set up.

8. Sony XSR1646


Sony are famous for the quality speakers that they release every year and this speaker is no exception to that. Like the previous speaker, the Sony XSR1646 is a 4 way speaker, which means you will get more diverse audio as well as a more surround sound feel.

The XSR1646 also offers a peak wattage of 270 Watts, which means every speaker in the set will deliver some powerful audio. This is paired up with a frequency range of 60-24,000 and a sensitivity of 89 dB. This is a good range and will mean that the speaker will be able to play on several frequencies, but once again it doesn’t operate on a frequency that is low enough to play some really bassy music, but that is a common problem that comes with any car speaker.

With these car speakers you get the sense of reliability that you don’t get from a lot of other companies, Sony are well known for the high quality of their speakers so you can trust that these speakers will last for a long time and continue to keep their quality.

Along with this, the car speakers come with a Ferrite rubber coated woofer, which will help to prevent distortion and will mean the speakers won’t struggle too much with heavier songs.

9. Speakfriends coaxial car speakers 6.5


The design of this speaker stands out a lot from a lot of the other available car speakers on the list, due to its bright blue colour. This can be off putting for those of you that favour a more minimal design, but would look interesting to anyone that likes to mod their cars.  Though the colour may seem a little out there, the design itself is very straightforward and fits perfectly into a wide range of speaker sockets, meaning easy installation.

Per speaker you get a nice 120 W power, which as we know, will produce some pretty powerful audio. This is especially true when matched with the frequency range of 75-20,000 Hz. These car speakers will be able to pick up a lot of different sounds and will play a number of songs to a high quality. You get a sensitivity of 81 dB which is slightly low in comparison to others on the list and will make the speakers a little less efficient, however they will still continue to produce some more than adequate audio.

These car coaxial speakers are targeted at door installation, which will allow them to work in unison to create a surround sound feel, supported once more by the 4 way feature. This speaker set doesn’t have to deal with distortion due to the 4 way set up because of some clever design choices which aids the crossover components.  The speaker quality is just great overall and is certainly a good option for anyone looking for some unique speakers with decent sound quality.

10. Infinity Kappa 60CSX


Though this speaker is at the end of the list, this does not reflect its quality. This is the second Infinity Kappa speaker setup to appear on the list and continues to show the quality products that the company is releasing.

This is a 2 way speaker type which does limit the range of what it is able to put out, however it also means that the speaker will be less susceptible to distortion due to a lack of crossover. What also leaves a little to the imagination is the frequency response of 45-35,000 Hz.

If you are just a casual listener who wants to improve on your current speakers, this setup will be a good option. However, don’t expect to get the best of audio quality as the speaker simply won’t be able to reach this, especially in terms of bass.

A unique feature that this speaker has which is both a benefit and a detriment is the fiberglass woofer cones. These are lighter and will increase output efficiency, however they will make it slightly more difficult to install and are more susceptible to damage than others on the marker.

One aspect that these coaxial speakers really can brag about is the sheer amount of testing that they have undergone before being released onto the market, because of this the quality of the car speakers feels more reliable and dependable unlike those that are just continuously pushed onto the market.

Buyers Guide for 6.5″ Car Speakers

Though we have recommended some of our top picks for the best 6.5 car speakers on the market, for novices or people interested in learning more about the speakers that they buy, there may still be many questions that you need answering before you select your choice. Within this section you will find the answer to a few commonly asked questions.

What are the loudest 6.5 speakers?

Though there are several 6.5″ coaxial car speakers on our list that are capable of reaching fantastic volumes, there are two in particular that consumers have labeled some of the loudest and best in car speakers on the market. Firstly, the JBL are famous for their exceptional heights of volume, so you could really go for any of their 6.5’s and still experience loud volumes. We still recommend the JBL C762 or the JBL 6TO629 as those have other features which make them even better.  Though the Infinity Kappa 60CSX found itself at the bottom of our list, this speaker setup also delivers fantastic volumes.

What are the best 6.5 car speakers for bass?

Again this is another question that can be answered by pinpointing a specific brand rather than a specific speaker. 6.5 Inch coaxial speakers aren’t ever going to be too fantastic for bass unless accompanied by a good woofer. Because of this, any Pioneer produced speaker is going to be your best bet as they are usually accompanied by a decent woofer.

Are 6.5 or 6×9 speakers better?

This really depends on your needs, a 6×9 is going to be better at producing some quality bass due to the bigger cone area, but for someone who just wants better quality sound, a 6.5 will be perfect. We review the best 6×9 speakers for you here.

Is it worth upgrading your current car speakers?

Definitely, even if you’re not exactly a huge music fan, you will definitely be spending a lot of time listening to music on the road. Because of this you will certainly notice a lack of audio quality, so it would just be better to improve your speakers when you get the chance. Upgrading your speaker system is also one of the cheapest improvements that you could make to your car, so it would be a good place to start for anyone who wants to fix up their vehicle.

What’s the difference between factory speakers and the 6.5 car speakers on the list.

To put it plainly, speaker quality just isn’t what car manufacturers care about. When people buy cars they check out the engine, the steering and other features- but never really the speakers. In contrast to this, these speaker manufacturers will have spent plenty of time focusing on the speaker quality of their products and so will produce something more durable and of a better quality.

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