Best 4 Channel Car Amplifier – Full Review

by Matthew David | Updated: 08/13/2020

If you love high-quality sound, then you need proper sound equipment. In this case, you should use the best 4 channel car amplifier.

The exercise of selecting the best product needs a thoughtful approach. The arrangement makes sure that you land a dependable 4 channel amplifier.

The car audio system needs the right amplifier to enhance the listening experience. The entire exercise of selection is always time-consuming.

You will afford a smile if you find the right amplifier. The crowding of various amplifiers on the market shelves should not confuse you.

All you need is to arm yourself with the correct details. You will use the check-up parameters to determine what meets your best needs.

We will unveil four different products for your selection. We aim to guide you appropriately until you arrive at the best choice.

As you read through, you will not make a wrong choice. The best amplifier will give you excellent service extensively.

1. Alpine MRV-F300 4 -Channel Car Amplifier – Best Amp for tighter spaces

Sometimes you may not need a super expensive amplifier to access great sound quality concerning the same; this products fits in the category of affordability.

1. Appearance

You will be making the correct decision when you buy this 4 -channel car amplifier. It is a great looking car amp with a compact design. However, when compared to other older amps, it is relatively lightweight.

Precisely, this best 4 channel car amplifier measures under 10 kg or 5 pounds, which is three times lower than conventional amps. It also has a high build quality with no misaligned parts, unlike other cheaper car amps.

On the same note, it uses high-quality and well-labeled connectors. The manufacturer used hex-keyed screws to hold wiring connections securely.

The Alpine MRV-F300 4 is incredibly lightweight with a sleek look and a sturdy build. These 4 channel amps are a class D amplifier that lacks construction flaws.

The 4 channel amps have an encasing of a dark, brushed metal which has an impressive look. The design contributes to the weight of the amp despite weighing below 5 pounds.

As you power it on, the blue light will illuminate at the top. It is an excellent indicator that everything is working correctly.

Alpine uses Surface-Mount Technology which makes the amplifier to be more productive. The compact design makes it perfectly fit under the seat.

The amp is among the best 4 channel car amplifier that look remains great looking due to protective end caps. Beyond the beauty, these protective caps will effortlessly snap on and off.

When you place the amp under your seat, the caps will shield the wire from shorting.

2. Audio Controls

The car amplifier has easy to use crossover functions. Both switches and control are not as slippery as you make the adjustments.

The car amp has a bass EQ boost that works well with 3 to 4 channels as you power it. Since it is a class D amp, the noise level may be relatively high.

Typically, Alpine will produce a crisp and clear sound. The solid bass will enhance your listening experience. The bass will hit hard, causing a high impact as if it was a large amplifier.

You will not get disappointed if you connect subwoofers with moderate volume.

3. D Class Technology

The Class D technology will differ with A and B since it has a different efficiency. Precisely, this amp has 80% efficiency, which is far better. It also has a fast-switching technology

As you use this Class D technology amps, you will maximize all the power supply without wastage. As a result, you may need a smaller power supply.

Another advantage of these amps is they do not run hot. The reason for that is that they waste less power, so less goes out as heat.

The only drawback of class D technology is that the baseline noise is higher. However, the engineers put the model right to avoid distortion.

4. Accessories Included

As you open a new box, you will find a 7.5-inch speaker and a verification certificate. Furthermore, there are four ¾ inch hex-head screws.

Still, the same box has a user manual and the two Snap-on terminal covers. Also, you will get the warranty information and online product registration information.

Most importantly, there is a 4 channel amp and 40 amp A.T.O. Fuse.

5. Installation

The amp is easier to install thanks to its compact design. You will use the screws to hold it tightly to the board. You should also take into consideration the wiring kit.

The compact design will still allow you to install it in a tricky place. You can, therefore, install in tight spaces without worrying if it will heat up.

The end caps will make the installation look professional with beautiful finishing. You also have an option to install this amp under a seat.

6. Pricing

Alpine happens to be an affordable car amplifier. That alone is an assurance that you will not break the bank when buying this product.

The versatility aspect makes it worth the top-dollar. The high-quality design gives it an edge over similar models that are pricy.

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2. Kicker CXA300.4 Four-Channel Full-Range Amplifier – Best 4 Channel amplifier for Money

Kicker CXA300 is good 4 channel amplifier for a car amplifier that dramatically wins in several aspects. Its various unique features will serve you to enhance your listening experience.

It has an S/N ratio than culminates to 95dB, which can be pretty good. You can use this amp to run legacy head units.

1. Power

The quality of sound is at the heart of this kicker 4-channel car amp. It has a simple and styling installation flexibility. It tolerates plenty of options.

You can simplify by plugging in Kicker’s K.S.L. for smoother operation. The connection will make it to take a high-level signal from the speaker audio outputs.

The model is beyond two inches thick. Since it has included brackets, you will install it vertically.

The CXA300 ensures your cabin speakers have adequate power. These 4 channels amp is a class D stable product.

At 75 watts RMS x 4, it will comfortably consume 2 ohms for 4 channels car audio. At 40 watts, it uses 4 ohms applied on 4 channels. Then 150 watts RMS x 2, using 4 ohms, will support two channels when bridged.

Lastly, on the same note, the subwoofer channel pumps out 300 watts at 2 ohms. With the 3-way protection circuitry, the output will be 600 wats.

At modulated power supply, the CXA300 will power the speakers comfortably. It has a versatile power solution to feed your sound systems.

When you see an L.E.D. green indicator, it means their power is on. Still, the L.E.D. red indicator implies a hazard.

2. Sound

You can separate high and low pass filters on the rear and front channels. It helps one to sculpt quality sound before it goes to the 4-channel car speakers.

One factor worth mentioning is it has variable speaker boosts. It will happen on both the rear and the front channels. As you run some subs, you can still add a low-end punch.

Kicker uses F.I.T. (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) works magic. Firstly, it protects the sound from the noise or any other interference. You can still tap from your speaker wires to get the signal easily.

Moreover, the F.I.T. technology means that it can tap the signal from any audio source. To the same effect, it runs it right to the amp.

The design makes sure you will not use line converters. In the same vein, you will not need processors and step down modules.

The Kicker’s F.I.T. will reduce the need for other additional equipment to prevent noise. The arrangement will work well when using factory amplified systems.

There is amounting hardware that enables a vertical orientation. It strategically not consume floor space.

The 4 channel CX series uses built-in technology to keep the system to be more functional. It uses litz-wound transformers to enable power transfer.

It will also minimize high current switching and power loss. The R.C.A. outputs provide a lasting quality audio output. Still, the 4 channel amp has the KickEQ Bass Boost that is adjustable. Furthermore, it has the crossovers which combine to eliminate any additional interference.

Besides, the product uses speaker level inputs and preamp. The speaker-level input will require R.C.A. adapters. The balance differentials inputs are necessary for the reduction of noise and interference. The car amp comes in perfect dimensions for easier mounting.

The 4 -channel car amplifier uses 8-gauge power and ground leads. You will need the best 40 amp fuse. However, you will buy the additional hardware and wires separately to facilitate connection.

The amp lacks onboard fuses as you install multiple amps. You will need an extra 40 amp inline fuse between the amplifier and the distribution block.

The frequency response lies between 10-20000 Hz. The variable low pass crossover has a frequency response of 50-200

Hz at a noise level of 12dB. Still, the variable has a high pass crossover at a frequency response of 50-200 Hz. It withstands 12dB.

Lastly, the variable bass boost will need 40Hz to produce a noise level of 12dB. The buyer will enjoy a 2-year warranty. The manufacturer will only extend it to two years when you purchase it with a kicker multi-amp kit.

As prove of quality, the manufacture will give you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

3. Accessories Included

The package has a 4-channel car amplifier and the manual. You will also get a certified power certificate. Furthermore, the package has four self-tapping screws. There are also two vertical mounting brackets.

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3. Rockford Fosgate R400-4D – Best 4 Channel Amp in power efficiency

Rockford Fosgate R400-4D is a product that uses class D circuitry.

This product is one of the top recommended products in the category of good amplifiers for cars. You can also use it to power your full-range system. The model will also be compatible with 4 channel systems as you power the tweeter in the dash.

1. Power Supply

The car uses a large amount of power when running your speakers and subwoofers. Precisely, you can use 75 watts R.M.S. power supply to both rear and front speakers.

Rockford Fosgate uses enough power to produce clean music even at high volumes. The amp features a high-pass filter, which will eliminate low bass from the speakers. About that, the speakers will play more efficiently to produce quality sound.

The user has an option to switch the amp into dual modes. The design will drive several subwoofers with each featuring 300 watts RMS.

The low pass filter is useful in getting the perfect sound from the enclosure combo. There is punch EQ2, which has both treble and bass boosts. It adds some sizzle and boom back into the mix.

2. Set up

The C.L.E.A.N. technology makes Rockford Fosgate step out from the crowd. C.L.E.A.N. is an acronym that stands for Calibrated Level Eliminates Audible Noise.

Such technology is a set system that will ensure the music sounds clean. Moreover, it will boost it to be as powerful as possible.

The procedure is simple. You will begin by playing the setup tone on the attached CD. Proceed by adjusting the volume of the receiver. Wait for the red clip light on your amp to go off.

At this point, you can turn on the amp until the blue light is back. The game is over! The amplifier is now ripe to synchronize with the receiver’s audio output.

As the receiver attains maximum clean volume, the Punch amp receives clean power. Even at quiet listening levels, you will encounter fewer background noise.

3. Operation

These amps have indicator lights that will be communicating a particular message to you. For example, blue light may turn to solid red as you play the music.

When you encounter such a scenario, know that the source is distorting. You can act fast by turning it off or else risk the damage.

The Rockford Fosgate has an optional PLC2 remote control. It doubles up as the clip indicator. It helps the user to know from the front seat whenever the music clips.

The amp has a built-in computer that shows the current audio output. The arrangements will prevent the speaker impedances.

Or even better, the short circuit will not damage anything. The Rockford Fosgate system uses the forced air in the dissipation of heat evenly. It will cover the entire amp and up to the high-mask heat sink. Consequently, it will efficiently draw away the heat from the critical internal parts.

The M.E.H.S.A. cooling process optimizes heat transfer from the device’s top the heatsink. In the meantime, the heat will escape effortlessly. As for the transistors, they will remain cool as they work better.

You can control the speaker level inputs. However, you will require an R.C.A. adapter to connect to your speakers.

The set has preamp RMS outputs and inputs too. There is a signal sensing mechanism to integrate with speakers level input. The design will eliminate the need for remote control.

4. Power/Durability

The car amp uses 4-gauge power with ground leads. The manufacturer recommends a 100 amp fuse. However, you will need separate hardware and wiring that are not within the package.

It comes with an RMS power of 75 Watts x 4 for 4 Ohms. You can also get it at 100 Watts x 4 for 2 Ohm. The third option for its RMS power is 200 Watts x 2 for 4 Ohms.

The product has onboard fuses, which you will require as you install multiple amps. You will require an additional 100 amp fuse. You will connect it between the amplifier and the distribution block.

The 75 Watts x 4 for 4 Ohms amp has durable features, which is a strong statement to its high-quality. The amp has a two-position phase whereby you can control it effectively.

You can match it to the speaker system of your car. It also uses heavy cast aluminum to prevent overheating and causing damage to the amp. The amp will remain functional whenever you use it.

As you purchase this product, you will enjoy a one year warranty. As an assurance to the quality, you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

5. Accessories Included

As you open the box, you will meet a 4-channel amplifier and a certificate for performance. Still, it has quick setup instructions and a manual disc.

As if that is not over, it has a 25mm Allen wrench. Last but not least, there four self-tapping screws.

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4. Crunch PowerDrive PD4000.4 – Best 4 Channel in sound quality

If you want to improve your sound quality, then add Crunch PowerDrive to your stereo. The 4 channel amplifier in car will comfortably power your speakers with 75 watts.

It is suitable when you are using mid or high frequencies. If you are using bass, then you can adjust the amp to work on 2-mode. You can still run your subwoofers using 200 RMS separately.

Suppose your old amplifier blew up, you can upgrade it with this one. It will effectively serve you to improve your listening experience per channel.

When you buy this amp, your first impression will cause you to rate it lowly. But you are wrong! It will blow the sound with both clarity and power.

The quality makes it to be a bit costly. However, it is worth the hype since it will rarely disappoint you on performance.

1. Who needs this product?

This product is suitable for anyone that wants peak power sound. It is also appropriate for any individual that desires minimum distortion. It also has rugged build quality.

It can be the best bet for you if you want the consistent power output. Furthermore, it works best if you want a clear and crisp sound since it does not overheat.

Do you desire a dynamic sound that comes from a heavy hitter? Indeed, you will love this amp if you like a compact package that produces a big sound.

The amp has a compact design that allows you to connect to the car stereo. However, it can be reasonable if the place has good airflow.

Lastly, the amp is for you if you like full bandwidth class D. It should display clear highs and lows in speakers. As a result, you can manipulate it from the driver’s seat.

2. Performance

The product boasts of a Watts R.M.S. rating. It is usually at 75 watts x 4 for each channel using 4 ohms. Similarly, 150 watts power output will comfortably blend with 8 ohms. One hundred watts will operate well at 2 ohm.

The amp uses a low current demand as well as a low distortion. It allows you to enjoy the music as you travel on the road.

It will deliver a clear sound with fidelity due to NexD Amplifier Technology. The power output remains unmatched when compared to its counterparts.

Besides, this product has an Advanced Rollback Protection System is useful. The system will prevent any thermal shutdown.

Furthermore, the amp has pre-level inputs and the speaker of your car stereo. You will require an optional adapter to connect to speaker level input.

The car amplifier will require a four gauge power with ground leads per channel. In such a case, you will need a 40 amp fuse. You will purchase separate hardware and wires to facilitate connection.

The amp has blue scent lighting with L.E.D. light clips to improve the looks. It is worth mentioning that the amp is costly. The top-quality sound that you will receive is worth the money.

3. Sound Design

It is a super-compact amp that will play your music and restore an impressive impact. It will operate optimally without straining the electrical system of your car.

The amp has a cast alloy heat sink. It also prides with an advanced cooling system to keep the amps at the right temperature.

The amp has differential balanced inputs that will maintain a clear signal. You can comfortably connect the amp to any car stereo. It has an optional wired remote to help you control it from the seat.

You can modify the 4 channel amps easily and quickly into a factory system. The amp has speaker levels inputs featuring dual auto-turn-on modes.

The design will assist you in hooking up the amp to the factory system. In such a case, you will not need an R.C.A. connection while setting it up.

The product uses a unique frequency response, which ranges between 20Hz and 20 kHz. It has filters that are more flexible than in other car amplifiers.

4. Durability

The amp has a coating of the black aluminum heatsink. Furthermore, it uses a brushed aluminum badge and the panel.

The amp has a socket for the optional HD-RLC knob necessary for remote control. The 1000 watts power out is ideal for a bass boost as will power a subwoofer and four satellites. The buyer will enjoy a two-year warranty.

The removable cover will hide the controls of the 4 channel amps. The design will make a tamper-resistant appearance.

5. Accessories Included

The entire box has a class D 4 channel amplifier. It also has the user’s manual.

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Buying Guide

The 4 -channel amp is a device that receives the electrical signal. In the same vein, it will amplify that signal. Later, it sends the same signal to its channeled and allows the speakers to receive them in the car stereo.

It may not be the speakers alone but subwoofers and dedicated tweeters. You will need a 4 -channel amp to distribute equal powers to all 4 channels.

You, therefore, need the right information for you to select the best product. You will need to counter-check the ideal product with certain elements.

You should consider the following aspects as you begin to shop.

1. Wattage

Wattage talks about the measure of power. You will use amplifiers to magnify sound, right? In this respect, the more the wattage, the more the amplification. As a result, you will experience better audio output than a car stereo.

Most of the models use a wattage of between 50 -75 watts R.M.S. power output per channel. Such a design will still produce sufficient volume. You can use it to drive your subwoofer to achieve a great audio output.

The higher power rating will mean more sound volume. It is noteworthy that any amp with 1000 Watts R.M.S. will require an additional battery. You can replace an old battery with a powerful one.

2. Resistance

We measure the resistance in ohms. Some amplifiers will have a resistance of 4 ohms, 2 ohm, or even 8 ohms. Resistance happens to be a technical aspect that requires careful attention. It plays a critical role in 4 channel amps for your speakers.

You will need to create synergy to produce a great sound system. You can create synergy by matching the speakers with the preferred amplifier of either 4 ohms or 2 ohms.

One can verify the power handling of your speaker. After that, match the rating of different amplifiers to get the right power output per channel for your speakers.

For example, an Power Output of 75 Watts x 4 will be ideal for 4 Ohms. 100 Watts x 4 of power output might blend well with 2 Ohms. You may also realize that a power output of 200 Watts x 2 may blend with 4 Ohms.

The secret lies in connecting the high impedance speakers to the right amp. You should avoid hooking up low impedance speakers like 4 ohms or 2 ohms to an amplifier. Precisely, let’s say an amplifier needs an impedance of 8 ohms.

3. The size of the amplifier

You should consider size regardless of the type of the amplifier. The ideal amplifier should ideally fit into the available space.

For a big S.U.V., size may not be a limiting factor. A smaller vehicle may have tight spaces; hence you need a compact-sized amp to fit perfectly.

You should, therefore, buy the right speaker size that will maximize the space. It should give you the convenience of easier installation.

You can get the dimension of the available space in your car. The ideal amplifier should fit well without posing a risk of damage.

4. Sound quality

Few features will affect the quality of sound. The most notable ones are frequency response and filters per channel. Also, on the same note is the total harmonic distortion T.H.D.

Other factors that affect sound quality are sensitivity. In the same vein, there is also a sound-to-noise ratio.

You can enhance the sound quality and audio by using low pass crossovers. You can go for the adjustable crossovers to improve the entire performance.

The amplifier should feature suitable terminals. The high-quality terminals will righty connect to the speaker and power sources to give you a better audio output.

The filters will also improve the sound quality. The most commonly used filters are low and high pass filters. The frequency response will determine the maximum range of the frequency signals. If the number is high, the soundscape will be broader per channel.

The total harmonic distortion is a sensitive element. It will determine how accurately the amp will replicate the signals. The lower values perform better and vice versa.

Better amps will have a low T.H.D. to produce more reliable signals accurately.

The sound to noise ratio is an essential element in this area. It determines the amount of interference or noise the signal carries. We measure it in decibels. Here, the higher number will work correctly.

5. Amp Class

It is the topology of your amplifier’s architecture. You will encounter 4 types of amplifier topology. However, the most common ones are class A B and D.

When you use the class A B, you will encounter better sound quality. Some audiophiles argue that the difference is minor. However, this topology will produce excess heat when compared to class D.

While using class D topology, you will encounter an inferior frequency. The advantage of this topology is that it produces less heat. Furthermore, it is more energy-efficient.

The difference between class A B and D is evident. Precisely, class A B and D will differ in energy consumption and in heat production.

6. Brand

It is advisable to purchase your 4 channel amp from renowned brands. Since there are fake products in the market, you should pay attention to the brand name.

Some unique brands use high-quality materials hence durable. You will have a guarantee of longevity as you use such amplifiers.

Most importantly, renowned brands will give you a more extended warranty period. The warranty will handle all the manufacturing defects in the process.

7. Pricing

As you decide to purchase the right 4 ohms channel amplifier, consider the pricing aspect. You may encounter high priced products which will offer you a long service.

Also, there are cheap products out there that are not durable. Does pricing affect durability? Indeed, if you want a high-quality product, then settle for the higher priced ones.

You can challenge yourself and do extensive research from website. You will be likely to find a moderately priced item that is durable.


You need to get the best 4 channel car amplifier to improve the audio system. Many fail to get the right product due to making hasty purchases.

You can access the correct product from online platforms or car shops. However, you have to take your time to arrive at the right pick.

The information in this review can give you an edge if you implement it. Of course, among the four products in this piece, we have our best choice.

We highly recommend the Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amplifier. Thus, it has an impressive look. But that is not all.

The amplifier will not heat up quickly as you play your music. The compact design makes it suitable at confined places.

The amplifier has the right features to produce high-quality sound. The user enjoys a two-year warranty as a guarantee of high quality.

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