Alpine SPR-60C Review (Updated 2023)

by Matthew David | Updated: April 20, 2023

Alpine is a well respected brand in the audio space and has been churning out great speakers for many many years. The SPR-60C speakers are no exception and are reasonably priced to boot.

These Alpine component speakers are conveniently priced to be affordable for most consumers. Now you won’t get a pair of Alpine speakers for rock bottom prices, but for the quality and build, these are very reasonably priced.

Component vs OEM Speakers

Though the head unit may be the most important upgrade you can make to your car for improving its sound, the car speakers are a very close second.

The factory installed speakers, or OEM speakers, that come with the vast majority of vehicles are simply not designed to compare with component speakers. After all, the car manufacturer cares about the quality of the car they’re building, not its sound.

OEM speakers are usually made with coaxial systems; in a nutshell, all of the frequencies, from lows, mids, and highs are powered by a single driver and housed in the same box. There is no separation.

High frequencies are best reproduced by tweeters, mids by quality speakers, and lows by big 12′ speakers that have ample room to power the large drivers necessary for pavement shaking low end.

All that being said, by simply upgrading to a component speaker, you will notice a considerable improvement in sound quality as the Alpine SPR-60C, for example, has separate speakers dedicated to each of the frequencies.

Later on, you can invest in a subwoofer to fulfill your low end sounds as well as an amp to power it.

alpine spr 60c closeup install


Tweeters: These 1″ tweeters come with 7-levels of adjustment. Again, tweeters are usually placed underneath the windshield and Alpine provides a handy swiveling mount to facilitate placement. Custom mount brackets are included as well.

The tweeters are usually installed upfront right below the windshield at ear level, while the crossovers are placed elsewhere discreetly. Full range speakers may not accurately reproduce each frequency range as faithfully as component speakers will, but they can be a bit easier to install for the average DIYer.

Speakers: These 6.5″ neodymium-equipped speakers are durable as they’re made with a high-density polymer casing and fiber-coated cones that should fit nicely into your vehicle. If you know what you’re doing you can install these yourselves, otherwise get a professional install so as not to mess up your car doors.

Crossovers: rated 6db – 12db.

Power: Peak 330 watts with 110 watt continuous (aks RMS). There is a frequency response between 65-29,000hz with a 4 ohms impedance.

How Do They Sound?

Perhaps the most important piece of all is the sound quality, right? The answer is wonderful. All the reviews on Amazon are positive and you’d be hard pressed to find better sounding speakers at this price point.

Ideally, you already have a good head unit to take full advantage and of the EQ possibilities made available by these speakers. In short, the mids are clear, the highs are crisp, and the low end sounds great. Not as good as they would with a dedicated separate subwoofer, but no speaker will ever compare with a subwoofer for reproducing bass.

Bottom line: These are excellent speakers that are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to shell out a bunch of money putting together the separate components for an entire car audio system. Your music will sound great, and you’ll have money leftover for a professional installation, which we highly recommend. 

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