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Product Dimensions2.95 x 2.95 x 0.75 in
Item model numberWP-539
Weight0.6 ounces
WaterproofIPX7 Sweatproof
SoundStereo Crisp, clear sound
Noise cancellationPassive
Connection to two devicesNo
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
Cable / plug120±2cm / Standard 3.5mm

 Our Overview

What we liked:
USTEK WP-593 Earbuds are probably the best wired sport buds you can buy for the price. Crisp, clear sound give you a great music enjoyment every time without distortion. These have very good response on the high end, decent on the mids and normal on low end bass, since you don’t spend a king’s ransom on these things.

Though these earbuds are classic wired with 1.2 m cable (with universal 3.5 mm plug), you are free from the need to charge the device so in many cases it can work as your back-up earbuds. It is compatible universal standard audio playback devices with 3.5mm jack.

Can I swim with these earbuds? Manufacturer gives an IPX7 index and promises that you are free to listen to music in any wet environment including shower, hot tub or beach. Officially, the construction is not for swimming, but consumers are using or at least trying to use for a swimming. People who bought USTEK WP-593 primarily for using in swimming pool, partly were let down and did not suggest others to use it for swimming with more negative ratings. People, who bought it for all weather activities are fully content with water resistance attributes.

The package comes with white ultra-soft earpads to match your ears (S/M/L) for a perfect fit.

Worth considering:
– Classic 1.2 m cable. Old-school simplicity can be a negative thing for some users. But it is a reliable pros for a simple “work horse”.
– Do not buy USTEK WP-593 in ear earphones for swimming as it is not made for it. IPX7 does not allow it.
– Sound is nice and clear as sport buds should have with smaller audio drivers, but if you are a base lover, you would not be fully content.


USTEK WP-593 Wired Earbuds


Bass / quality









  • Very reliable with simple construction
  • S/M/L soft earpads to fit your ear
  • Customers practically use for swimming
  • Best buds you can buy for the price
  • Very low return rate due to damage


  • Not a bass rich sound
  • Cable (if it is a con feature)
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